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Appendix A to the Weber State University GDPR Notice

Purposes for Processing Data

The following chart outlines examples of reasons why we may process your data.  

  • To respond to requests for information about admission to our institution or about participating in online courses or other programs at our institution
  • To recruit, evaluate, and manage persons who apply to our institution for admission, take courses at  our institution, participate in programs offered by our institution, or attend our institution, either in person or online, and to perform related activities needed to foster and maintain these relationships
  • To operate and facilitate the registration and participation in online and in-person education programs, including those relating to professional licensing requirements
  • To evaluate applications for and administer financial aid, including reporting to relevant federal and state government agencies
  • To facilitate application for and sponsoring of visas to study, work and/or research at our institution, including all functions necessary to comply with applicable immigration laws
  • To assign housing and facilitate housing requests for individuals studying or participating in programs at or through our institution
  • To conduct study abroad programs or other travel offered by or coordinated through our institution
  • To provide on-campus and distance learning information technology and other services to students, including network, authentication and help desk services
  • To respond to an individual’s request for records relating to an individual’s time at our institution, such as transcripts, tax documents, employment documents, etc.
  • To engage the services of an independent contractor and all uses incident to that engagement
  • To employ persons to work for our institution and all uses incident to that engagement including but not limited to evaluation and management of employees and administration of employee benefits
  • To analyze and improve Human Resource hiring practices.
  • To conduct transactions and business with individuals, such as processing payments made by credit card to our institution and payments made by our institution to you
  • To host and allow individuals to attend and participate in University events, including educational, artistic, and sports camps and sporting events
  • To facilitate review and evaluation of University programs, including academic, sports, and other programs, by accrediting organizations, government entities, third-party ranking organizations, and other appropriate bodies
  • To promote safety, integrity, and security of our institution’s information technology systems
  • To protect our institution’s community, including you, and to keep our community members safe wherever they are located
  • To report salary data to social security or tax authorities and otherwise comply with applicable EU or Member State laws
  • To allow individuals to visit our facilities
  • To facilitate and administer the reservation and use by individuals of our facilities
  • To facilitate the use of volunteers and to evaluate and manage individuals who volunteer to assist our institution in any capacity, and to perform related activities required to foster and maintain these relationships
  • To respond to subpoenas, court orders, agency requests, and other legal requests for records relating to an individual’s time at our institution, such as transcripts, tax documents, employment documents, etc.
  • To engage third parties to collect sums owing to our institution or to otherwise take action to collect outstanding debt from an individual
  • To respond to proper requests for information as required by the Utah Government Records Access and Management Act
  • To stay connected with our alumni
  • To allow and facilitate individuals to perform research at or with our institution
  • To utilize individuals as subjects of research performed at or through our institution, and to perform related activities required to foster and maintain this relationship
  • To facilitate the provision of medical treatment and the filing of claims for payment from insurance companies and/or government agencies
  • To raise funds to support our institution and our programs
  • To process special categories of data
  • For regulatory reporting and auditing purposes.
  • To provide online training and educational programs
  • To receive donations from individuals to support the University’s mission
  • To purchase parking passes and permits
  • To submit requests for services (e.g., IT, help desk, help line, CAPS, etc.)
  • To be able to provide assistance and medical information in emergency situations

Last updated: 05/24/18