Weber State is now taking appointments for ACT Residual.

Register for Residual ACT
(There will be several date options and more info in the registration)

* You will be required to wear a face mask

 Tests are in the Student Services Center, Room 262. Use the North door to enter the building.

ACT National is also open for regular registration through ACT's website.

What is ACT?

ACT, American College Test, is an optional test for entrance into WSU.

It consists of tests in:

  • English
  • Math
  • Reading
  • Science Reasoning

It also includes an interest inventory and a student profile section to obtain information for counseling and to help students with their educational plans.

The test is offered five times each year at WSU and at many other colleges and high schools.

More info:

What is Residual ACT?

The Residual ACT test is the same as the National ACT and is particularly for students who did not take the ACT on one of the national test dates but need ACT scores to meet an upcoming deadline for enrollment into WSU. The Residual ACT score can be used to determine a students English and Math placement or to test out of the classes entirely. 

This test is limited to students who will be attending WSU as score reports cannot be sent to any other college or university.

Students will NOT receive any score reports, reports are sent ONLY to the admissions office at WSU. Contact them for any information regarding scores 801-626-6743.

For students who were not enrolled at WSU at time of testing, their scores will be kept by the admissions office until they apply to WSU, at which point their scores can be attached to their records. If you have questions about this, or to get your scores put on your records, contact the admissions office @ 801-626-6743 or

A tester must wait 60 days to retake the Residual ACT.

Students who register to take the Residual ACT and miss their test date need to contact the testing center to re-schedule, there will be a $5 date change fee. Testers must re-schedule no more than 2 months after their original testing appointment. Contact the Student Services Testing Center at 801-626-6803 to re-schedule.

Study Guide

Study books are available in most bookstores and libraries.