All Testing Centers are closed. 

We are now able to schedule online ACCUPLACER exams by appointment. Make an appointment below.

*ACCUPLACER may only be taken twice within a year. WSU Testing Centers are required to verify the number of ACCUPLACER exams taken. 

Please note: We no longer use the Accuplacer test for math placement. Please see the ALEKS Math PPL test for math placement. 


 Make an Appointment

We are now able to schedule online ACCUPLACER exams by appointment.


Weber State University Testing Department has the right to audit and investigate the validity of scores. 

 Specifics of Taking Test

Check out the Student Online Testing page for complete instructions for online testing.

For Accuplacer, please pay close attention to the Computer Requirements, Test Environment Rules, Test Day Instructions, and Starting Your Test. There are a few differences, we will not be going through chitester, but directly through Accuplacer. Our proctors will walk you through each step.

Before your test time, you will receive an invitation to a Google Hangout Meet at your Weber student email address. Please make sure you accept this invitation. A proctor will be ready to assist you at your appointed time. If you didn't receive this email at your student email address, please respond to this email with your Weber student email address. If you do not have a Weber student email address, email

 Results of Test

Once you have completed the test, your scores will be automatically updated the following business day. However, your scores will not immediately post to your Cattracks. Please contact the English Department for direction on registering for your course.

 Cancel Test

If you can't make your appointment, please email to get a refund and reschedule for another day and time.


Questions related to ACCUPLACER should be sent to Jeannette Smith: 801-626-6645 |

Assessment and Placement Standards



ACCUPLACER is a placement test that consists of reading comprehension and writing.


When may I take ACCUPLACER?

ACCUPLACER can be taken at the scheduled times listed above or on the estore.

How do I get my test results?

Test results may be printed or downloaded while still connected to the virtual proctor.

Can I transfer my scores from another Institution?

WSU has a unique placement system, using ACCUPLACER, which is not compatible with other institutions.

Scores from other institutions are not accepted. 

What do I do if I need to take ACCUPLACER from outside of the Ogden-Layton region?

All ACCUPLACER exams are being proctored by the schedule listed above or on the estore.

ACCUPLACER Study Resources