Supplemental Instruction

Structured Learning Assistance (SLA)

Courses that have Structured Learning Assistance (SLA) provide enrolled students with the academic support they need to do well in the class. These classes have SLA Leaders to help enrolled students learn the material through sessions outside of class. The students in the course often work in small groups and not only help each other learn the material but form networks that last well beyond the class. 

Session attendance after the first test is optional for those who perform above a level determined by the instructor.

Fall 2020 Classes with SLA

  • Math 0970 | CRN 2212

SLA Leaders

SLA Leaders are students who have successfully completed the course and are trained to help current students master the content of the course. They reinforce key concepts and conduct test reviews.

SLA Leaders are also trained to develop and integrate learning strategies such as memory techniques, note-taking methods, etc. These effective skills are important not only for this course but for all courses the students may take.