Putting Student Through

Putting Student Through

Honor Someone

The PST Program was designed to enable WSU graduates to recognize those who have helped make their graduation possible through their support - moral, financial, or otherwise; this is why we are sponsoring an opportunity to honor these special people. This is an excellent opportunity for you to thank the individuals who have supported you through your education. Honorees for PST Spring 2021 will be posted on Thursday, April 29.

Honoree Form

In addition to completing the PST submission form, use #WeberPST21 when posting on social media to recognize all of the awesome people who have helped you make it to graduation. Don’t forget to @weberstudents so we can be sure to share them too!

Putting Student Through Honorees

The PST Program was created to provide WSU graduates the opportunity to recognize those who have helped make their graduation possible through their support. Congratulations to all the PST honorees that were recognized this semester! Your support and dedication to Weber State's students are noticed and appreciated. Thank you!

Alvarez Family
Elizah Alvarez
Stella Kraft Amato
Diana Beard
Bronco Brown
Jared Brown
Amy Bullock
Jessica Cairo
Jefferson (JC) Cairo
Judy Chase
Steve Chase
Minkay Choi
Corey Christensen
Olianna Christensen
Derek Christensen
Mattie Christensen
Jubilee Church
Trinity Church
William Church
Howard Church
Michele Culumber

Cristiane Kraft da Rocha
Sharon Dansie
Lynn Diamond
Linda Diamond
Bailey Diamond
Sarah Elston
Tiffanie Garrett Barnes
Katie Giddens
Raelynn Gifford
Pepper Glass
Christopher Hall
Kaylene Hurd
Clark Hurd
Matthew Jacobson
Dave Jamison
Kerry Kennedy 
Malack Knight
Carla Koons Trentelman 
David Magnesen
Caryn Magnesen
Jennifer Sue Malin

Salomon Martinez
Trinity Martinez
Belinda McElheny
John McQuilling
Becky McQuilling
Ruth McQuilling
Yancey McQuilling
Sarah Mehta
Dee Mitchell
Paolo Monteclaro 
Louise Moulding
Michiko Nakashima-Lizarazo
Sarah Otay
Colleen Packer
Shawn Redd
Brayden Reesor
Shannon Robertson
Monica Rodriguez
Emily Romo-Hendrix
Steven Rosell
Kylee Rowley

Daniel Rowley
Parris Scott
Joseph Adam Sendejo
Roger Smout
Jazlynn Steed
Christina Stice
Ryan Taylor
Karla Taylor
Allison Thomas
Kathy Thorsted
Carol Walling
Brian Whipple
Eric Winkle
Ron Younkin
David Ziegler
Trish Ziegler
Brooks Ziegler
Lauren Ziegler


There is no charge for this program since it is funded through student fees.

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