student affairs

Division of Student Affairs Underrepresented Student Success Grants

The Division of Student Affairs is making available one-time grants for seed funding of meaningful projects that directly impact students underrepresented in higher education. A wide range of programs are eligible for funding as long as they are new and have the potential to increase learning or engagement of current or future WSU students.

Awards are one-time funding, up to $10,000.

Qualification Criteria

  • Directly impact students
  • Align with WSU priorities and student affairs division priorities (and with student affairs learning outcomes if possible)
  • New and innovative ideas
  • Demonstrated outcomes that are measured
  • Continuation plan


  • Submissions are accepted three times per year: April 1, July 1, November 1
  • Please include a short description of the proposed initiative, including the target audience
  • Include budgetary needs/requirements
  • Include a proposed timeline
  • Include the proposed outcomes (and how they will be measured)
  • Include an assessment plan (how will you know if the program has been successful?)
  • Faculty and staff stipends up to $500 can be part of the proposal
  • Submit to Alex Ward at

Word Doc Form


  • Funding will be contingent upon funds availability
  • Funds are Educational and General (E&G). They must be transferred to a similar account, and expended according to state and WSU policies for E&G funds
  • Travel can be included as part of the grant; however, this should not exceed 25% of total award unless the funds are going specifically to student travel.


  • Semiannual grant progress reports (one will be used for Student Affairs Annual Report)
  • Project completion report
  • For Student Affairs submissions, please have your SAMC rep’s approval before submitting the proposal


  • A SAMC liaison will be assigned to each project
  • The Student Affairs Assessment office assists project managers with data collection & reporting
  • SAMC serves as the selection committee
  • Up to $30K will be allocated per semester (fall, spring, summer)
  • Semiannual reports will be submitted to Academic Support Centers and Programs