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  • Center for Multicultural Excellence

    Multicultural Excellence

    The Center for Multicultural Excellence offers programs and services that promote student success through academic, civic, leadership, scholarly, and cultural engagement.

  • Davis Student Services

    Davis Student Services

    We have a variety of services ranging from those that directly supplement classroom learning to those which are aimed at helping students attain a holistic education and healthy lifestyle.

  • Disability Services

    Disability Services

    We provide specialized services, technology and advisement to meet the needs of disabled students with vision, hearing, mobility, cognitive and/or psychological impairments.

  • Diversity and Inclusive Programs


    Diversity & Inclusive Programs provide workshops, lectures and activities to educate and engage campus and community on issues of difference and inclusion.

  • International Student and Scholar Center

    International Students

    The International Student and Scholar Center advises and assists with personal, cultural and academic adjustment of international students to WSU.

  • LGBT Resource Center

    LGBT Resource Center

    We provide services and resources for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer identified individuals and their allies while educating and engaging campus and community on LGBT issues.

  • LGBT Resource Center

    Nontraditional Students

    Nontraditional Student Services provide facilities and services to help meet the needs of students who are over 25, married, a parent, divorced or widowed.

  • Access & Outreach

    Pre-College Support

    We offer pre-college access and outreach programs that include K-16 partnerships and encourage under-represented students who are traditionally non-college bound to pursue and successfully complete a post-secondary education.

  • Student Support Services

    Student Support Services

    We provide academic support primarily to first-generation and low-income students.

  • Veterans Services

    Veterans Services

    We help veteran students through the process of eligibility, admissions, registration and paying for their education if they are eligible to receive GI Bill benefits.

  • Veterans Upward Bound

    Veterans Upward Bound

    We help veterans prepare for and succeed in post-secondary education, FREE of charge.

  • Women's Center

    Women’s Center

    We have programs and services to meet the changing needs of women including Safe@Weber, advising, scholarships, support groups and more.

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