Spring 2021 Dean's Message


It has been over a year since COVID-19 began shutting down the world and our individual lives. At the beginning of the pandemic we all experienced moments of fear, panic, frustration, plus other emotions tied to the uncertainty of this virus and the disruption. Now, over a year later, we have adapted and figured out how to operate classes and meetings in a virtual environment. Students have demonstrated they have the tenacity and ability to learn and seek after their education even when the world is turned upside-down.

This entire pandemic episode has demonstrated how resilient we can be, and how each of us has the ability to push through seemingly insurmountable obstacles. As the school year races to a close, I have such a deep sense of hope knowing that the people that I see each day, whether face to face or virtually, are resilient, tenacious, and gifted individuals who are trying to build a brighter future. That construction of a brighter future occurs each day in our university classes and with every graduate that leaves our college. Each is positively impacting the world and building the hope that is needed as we emerge from this pandemic. 

Sending my best wishes to you and your families.

Dr. Julie Rich, Dean, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences