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College of Social & Behavioral Sciences Faculty and Staff Accomplishments
Infinite Possibilities

Spring & Summer 2019

Political Science professor Stephanie Wolfe presented multiple times throughout the semester. At the International Association of Genocide Scholars Conference in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Wolfe presented "Between Blood Money and Useless Words: The Creation of a Truly Reparatory System" and "25 Years Later: The Evolution of Rwandan Genocide Memorials." In August, Wolfe discussed "Genocide in the Southern Province of Rwanda" at the Rocky Mountain Workshop on African History.

In January, Philosophy professor Robert Fudge presented "Dignity and Sublimity in Adam Smith and Immanuel Kant" at the International Adam Smith Society Conference.

Philosophy professor Robert Fudge received his department's Rod Julander Award and the College of Social and Behavioral Science's Dello G. Dayton Award for recognition of service to the department, college and university.

Model United Nations traveled to San Francisco to represent the delegations of the Netherlands and Rwanda at the Model UN West Conference. Political Science student Abdiel S. Vazquez won an award for outstanding resolution and Political Science minor Jamie Lobato was one of three students representatives elected to the Executive Board of the organizations.

Huiying Wei-Arthus Hill, professor of Sociology, presided two sessions at the Pacific Sociological Association Aniyah Conference in Oakland, California. Additionally, Hill presented two papers at the conference, "Study Abroad Program as a High Impact Education Practice — Reflections of My Two Sociology Study Abroad to China Experiences" and "Depression in the Comfort Culture — Exploring the Correlation Between College Students' Depression and Our Comfort Culture."

Political Science professor Stephanie Wolfe organized the 25th Anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide Commemoration Series, bringing four speakers to campus, four university-wide lectures, an honors course with experts and survivors testifying, multiple class visits and an interdisciplinary study abroad.

In May, History professor Matthew Romaniello presented "Locate, Authenticate, Substitute: Animal Materials in the Eighteenth Century" at the Materials and Materiality in Russia and the Soviet Union Conference held at the University of Toronto. Romaniello was one of the organizers of the conference.  Additionally, Romaniello presented "Mungo Graeme, John Elton and the Russia Company's Iran Trade," "Caspian in the History of Early Modern and Modern Eurasia" and "The Continuance of my Duty: Merchant Families and Transnational Commerce between Britain and Russia" at Yale University and the University of Edinburgh.

Stephanie Wolfe, a Political Science professor, returned from the International Association of Genocide Scholars (IAGS) conference in Cambodia where she presented two papers. After 4 years as the Communications and New Media Officer on the IAGS Executive Board, Wolfe was appointed as the Chair of the Membership Committee. She will spear-head a new initiative to create anti-harassment policies for the organization.

Cade Mansfield, assistant professor in Psychology, co-authored a research paper with colleagues at the University of Utah titled: "Parenting Pride and Regret is Associated with Youth Emotion Regulation" in the journal Social Development.

With Cade Mansfield's mentoring, John Simmons, a Psychology undergraduate, presented findings from his senior honors thesis, "Understanding Emotion Processing in Youths with Reactive Attachment Disorder" at the Rocky Mountain Psychological Association's annual meeting in April 2019.

Criminal Justice assistant professor Heeuk D. Lee published "Police Contact and Confidence in the Police in a Medium-Sized City" in the International Journal of Law, Crime and Justice in March.

Daniel Molter, an assistant professor of Philosophy, published "Bivalent Selection and Graded Darwinian Individuality" in the British Journal for the Philosophy of Science in July. The piece was published by the Oxford University Press.

Mark Bigler, a professor and chair of the Department of Social Work & Gerontology, conducted a discussion group on "Harm Reduction: The Trigger to a New Social Work Practice" at the International Harm Reduction Conference in Porto, Portugal. Additionally, Bigler conducted a doctoral and professional seminar titled "A U.S. Perspective on Harm Reduction and Social Work" at the University of Lisbon in Lisbon, Portugal.