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College of Social & Behavioral Sciences Faculty and Staff Accomplishments
Infinite Possibilities

Spring 2022

Abdulnaser Kaadan, Visiting International Professor of History, received the Joseph and Holly Nye Bauman Outstanding Faculty in Honors Award. Kaadan presented "The War in Syria Obliged Some Orthopedic Operating Rooms to Apply Primitive Ways of Sterilization" at Billy S. Guyton History of Medicine Symposium. Abdulnaser Kaadan presented "Human Anomalies in Some of the Medieval Medical Books." Kaadan presented "Some of Asian Physicians Achievements Still Attributed to Western Minds" at the NAAAS & Affiliates 28th Joint National conference.

Professor of Criminal Justice Monica Williams published "Engaging Undergraduates in Co-curricular Community-based Research: Strategies for Success" with Pamela Payne in the Journal of Community Engagement and Higher Education 13(3).

Stephanie Wolfe, Associate Professor of Political Science, was a guest speaker at the 28th Commemoration of Genocide Against Tutsis in Rwanda Holocaust Memorial Museum of San Antonio and the Jewish Community Relations Council (via Zoom) on April 11, 2022. Wolfe received the Affordable Course Materials Award from Weber State University. Stephanie Wolfe authored "Reparations and the Role of Apologies" for The Oxford Handbook of Atrocity Crimes.

Assistant Professor of Psychology and Director of the Neuroscience program Aminda O'Hare received the 2021 Presidential Excellence in Teaching Award. O'Hare received the Outstanding mentor Award for the College of Social & Behavioral Sciences from the Office of Undergraduate Research. Aminda O'Hare authored a chapter in new book "Creating a Place for Self-care and Wellbeing in higher Education." O'Hare received the 2021-2022 Hemingway Collaboration Award.

Carla Trentelman, Professor of Sociology, received the 2022 Presidential Award for Community-Engaged Faculty from the Center for Community Engaged Learning at Weber State University.

Professor of History Matthew Romaniello presented "'Winter must certainly take the lead': Challenging Climate Determinism at the Russian Academy of Sceinces" at University College London in January 2022. Romaniello presented "What About Helen? Excavating Consent from the Scottish Missionary Society Records" at the Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies conference. Matthew Romaniello received the Franklin Research Grant from the American Philosophical Society to conduct archival research in the United Kingdom for the book project, Unplanned Obsolescence: Modernity and the Loss of the Natural World. Romaniello co-edited The Life Cycle of Russian Things: From Fish Guts to Faberge, 1600-Present, which made the shortlist for the Diagram Prize for Oddest Book Title for 2021.

Heeuk "Dennis" Lee, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice, collaborated with CJ student Edilia Popoca Morales on a poster contest for the Western Association of Criminal Justice Conference, which won first place.

Associate Professor of Political Science Richard Price published "Navigating a Doctrinal Grey Area: Free Speech, the Right to Read, and Schools." Price presented "Healther Has Too Many Mommies: Gay Children's Books and the Christian Right Backlash" at the Annual Meeting of the Western Political Science Association. Richard Price received the 2022 Warren & Spector/Warren Fellowship from the Holocaust Museum Houston. Price was an Instructor for the Gateway to Learning Education Workshop at the University of Utah.

Leah LaGrone was a guest speaker at the Texas State Historical Association Texas Talks at the event, Women Crossed: Resistance and the Fight for Rights in Black and Brown.

Professor of History and Department Chair of the History Department Sara Dant published "Driving Utah's Rivers: Working Water in the West" in Utah Historical Quarterly. Dant presented "Tom Alexander and Environmental Stewardship in the American West" at the Western History Association Conference. Sara Dant is under contract for a second edition of Losing Eden: An Environmental History of the American West. Dant received the Faculty Sustainability Research Award for the project, The View from the Top of the World: Climate Change in the West and the World.

Nathan Rives, Instructor of History, presented "Financing the bible in 1821: Christianity and the Early US Market Economy after the Panic of 1819" at the Pacific Coast Branch of the American Historical Association Conference.

Adjust Instructor of History Tracey Smith received the Joseph and Holly Nye Bauman Outstanding Faculty in Honors Award.

Terry Allen, Adjust Assistant Professor of Sociology, published "Spatial and Temporal Distance Between the Victim and Offender as a Factor in Protective Order Violations: How Much Distance is Enough?" in Violence Against Women.