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College of Social & Behavioral Sciences Faculty and Staff Accomplishments
Infinite Possibilities

Fall 2020

Joanna Gautney, professor of anthropology, published peer-reviewed paper, "Effects of Indigenous Diet Iron Content and Location on Hemoglobin Levels of Ghanaians" in Nutrients (Sept. 2020). Paper was a collaboration with faculty and students from the Department of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences, the Department of mathematics and the Health, Physical Education and Recreation Department at Weber State University.

Criminal justice professors Heeuk "Dennis" Lee, Brad Reyns, David Kim and Cooper Maher published "Fear of Crime Out West: Determinants of Fear of Property and Violent Crime in Five States" in International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology.

Monica Williams, professor of criminal justice, published "The Politics of Symbolic Laws: State Resistance to the Allure of Sex Offender Residence Restrictions" in Law & Policy 42.

Chair of the department of geography Eric Ewert published "Map of Great Salt Lake Region, Utah," in Great Salt Lake Biology: A Terminal Lake in a Time of Change, Trentelman, Carla Koons. Ewert published "Relationships between Humans and Great Salt Lake: Dynamics of Change" in Great Salt Lake Biology: A Terminal Lake in a Time of Change. Eric Ewert published "Designed for Clean Air: The Role of Urban Planning and Transit in Solving Wasatch Front Air Quality Issues" in Utah's Air Quality Issues: Problems and Solutions, University of Utah Press. Ewert published editorial, "Maybe Utahns will Finally Vote in Their Own Best Interests" in The Salt Lake Tribune (Oct. 2020). Eric Ewert published editorial, "Righting our botched COVID-19 response is just the beginning of geospatial technology's power" in the Standard Examiner (August 2020). Ewert published editorial, "Want to clean the air? Plan for people instead of cars" in The Salt Lake Tribune (March 2020).

Maria Groves, professor of geography, published co-authored article "Late Holocene Paleo-Moisture Variability in Range Creek Canyon, UT" in The Holocene.

Interim Dean Julie Rich is a co-director of the Global Community Engaged Learning program, which received the Exemplary Collaboration Award for its work in providing WSU students the opportunity to learn and serve in the design, fundraising, planning and execution of humanitarian trips.

Brady Bower, professor of history, and Robert Fudge, professor of philosophy, were recipients of a 2020-21 Honors Eccles Fellowship, for team-teaching the course, "Nietzsche contra Wagner: Art, Philosophy and Politics in the Age of German Romanticism."

History professor Kathryn L. MacKay published two sections in This is the Plate: Utah Food Traditions, University of Utah Press.

Matthew Romaniello, professor of history, edited Russia in Asia: Imaginations, Interactions, and Realities. Romaniello published "Astrakhan and Orenburg: Russia's Asian Trade in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries" in The Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Asian Commercial History, Oxford University Press.

History professor, Eric G. Swedin, published "Homosexuality and Therapeutic Culture in Mormonism" in The Routledge Handbook of Mormonism and Gender.

Branden Little, professor of history, published book chapter, "Useful Allies: Theodore Roosevelt's Secretaries of the Navy and America's Naval Ascendancy," in Forging the Trident: Theodore Roosevelt and the United States Navy (Nov. 2020). Little published book chapter, "Failure to Launch: The American Red Cross in an Era of Contested Neutrality," in The Red Cross Movement: Reevaluating and Reimagining the History of Humanitarianism (April 2020). Branden Little published journal article, "Tarnishing Victory? Contested Histories and Civil-Military Discord in the U.S.. Navy, 1919-24," in Defense & Security Analysis, Vol. 36, No.1 (Jan. 2020). Little published book review, "Review of Scott Mobley, Progressives in Navy Blue: Maritime Strategy, American Empire, and the Transformation of U.S.. Naval Identity, 1873-1898" in Defense & Security Analysis, Vol. 36, No. 1 (Jan. 2020). Branden Little presented an online lecture, "Shifting Horizons, 1890-1892: Beyond Wounded Knee and the True Blue Saloon," available on C-SPAN Lectures in History Series (Apr. 2020).

Political science professor Janicke Stramer-Smith published co-authored article, "Securitizing the New Egypt: Partisan vs. Revolutionary Demands," in Journal for North African Studies. Stramer-Smith's book chapter, "Socio-economic factors and political mobilization in the Maghreb: Lessons from the Arab Spring" will be published in Entanglements of Maghreb: Cultural and Political Aspects of a Region in Motion, Transcript Verlag. Janicke Stramer-Smith presented, "Female Leadership and the Coronavirus," at the ISA-West virtual conference (Sept. 2020).

Stephanie Wolfe, professor of political science, published book chapter "Memorialization in Rwanda: The Legal, Social, and Digital Constructions of the Memorial Narrative" in Mass Violence and Memory in the Digital Age: Memorialization Unmoored (July 2020).

Neuroscience professor Aminda O'Hare co-authored paper, "Mediation interventions among heart failure patients: An integrative review," was awarded paper of the year by the European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing. O'Hare's co-authored paper, "Teaching undergraduates to understand published research through structured practice in identifying key research concepts," accepted for publication in Scholarship of teaching and Learning in Psychology.

Cade Mansfield, professor of psychology, published co-authored article "Narrative Methods in Autobiographical Memory" in Autobiographical Memory Development: Theoretical and Methodological Approaches.

Posters completed by Cade Mansfield, Leigh Shaw and students were accepted for presentation: Reviewing and correcting exams: A boon to learning or a waste of time? at the 42nd Annual National Institute on the Teaching of Psychology Conference (Jan. 2020), Adult experiences of harm. Is there a positivity effect? at Utah Conference on Undergraduate Research (Feb. 2020), Exploratory Narrative Processing of Relational Victimization Experiences at the Western Psychological Association Annual Meeting (May 2020), Parent-child interaction in the context of informal learning environments at the Rocky Mountain Psychological Association Annual Meeting (May 2020).

Pepper Glass, sociology professor, published his book Misplacing Ogden, Utah: Race, Class, Immigration, and the Construction of Urban Reputations, University of Utah Press.

Sociology professor Carla Koons Trentelman gave a panel presentation, "Teaching Strategies for Bridging the Social-Environmental Binary," at the International Symposium on Society and Resource Management (ISSRM) Virtual Conference (July 2020). Trentelman published book chapter, "Relationships Between Humans and Great Salt Lake: Dynamics of Change," in Great Salt Lake Biology: A Terminal Lake in A Time of Change.