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Summer & Fall 2021 Schedule Options for Students

Courses in the Summer and Fall 2021 semesters will likely be offered in a range of formats designed to meet ongoing social distancing requirements related to COVID-19. These formats are general expectations for students and faculty designed to meet the differing needs during this time. The following chart explains the types of instruction that you will find in the schedule.

Type of Instruction How It’s Listed in the Schedule Campus Listed in the Schedule What You Can Expect in This Type of Course
Face to Face FTF WSU* All instruction is in person in a classroom and/or lab. Students are expected to attend in person at the times listed in the class schedule. Assignments and homework may be required in Canvas. 
Hybrid HYB WSU*

Instruction can be a combination of: 1) Face to Face (synchronous classroom); 2) Virtual via a video conferencing tool like Zoom (synchronous virtually); or 3) Online via Canvas and other technology (asynchronous), as indicated in the course schedule. Synchronous means students will meet at set times/days to receive instruction. Asynchronous means instruction and assignments will also be delivered via Canvas or other technology not tied to set meeting times/days. The asynchronous portion is at least 20% of class time or replaces one or more in-person meetings per week. 

Special Note for Students: Before registering for a hybrid course, students should identify the location of the class (e.g. WSU Ogden campus, WSU Davis campus, or Virtual) listed in the class schedule to determine the type of hybrid course. For example, a hybrid course located at the WSU Ogden or WSU Davis campuses will involve some face-to-face class time on the WSU campus and the rest of the class time will be online or virtual. A hybrid course scheduled at Virtual campus will be completely delivered via technology (some synchronous at a specific time, some asynchronous self-paced). Click on the course description in the class schedule to view a note from the instructor describing how the hybrid class will be delivered. See information below with instructions on how to find the description. 

Online ONL ONL All instruction is asynchronous online. Asynchronous means instruction is not delivered at set meeting times/days. Work must be completed in Canvas by assigned deadlines. Distance students may register for these classes.
Virtual VTL VTL All instruction is in synchronous virtual format such as Zoom. Synchronous means students will meet at set times/days to receive instruction via web-conferencing. Assignments and homework may be required via Canvas, email, or other technology.

*Courses taught at a WSU campus or extended site (Ogden, Davis, Farmington Station, West Center, Morgan)

> Check out examples of different COURSE DELIVERY OPTIONS to see what courses may look like.


  • When viewing the class schedule, click on the course’s title. The ‘class details’ pop up window will appear. On the ‘Class Details’ tab, the instructional method is listed on the 5th line.

Class Details 1

Once registered for a course, the course's instructional method can be found on your STUDENT COURSE SCHEDULE.


  • Hybrid courses will also include a note from the instructor describing the instructional delivery. To find the note, click on the course’s title in the class schedule. In the ‘class details’ pop-up window, click ‘Course Description’ tab in the left-hand menu.

Class Details 2