Courses from transferring institutions accepted by Weber State University will be articulated in one of the following ways:
A transfer course articulated as fully equivalent to a Weber State University course will be given WSU's departmental abbreviation and course number.
1XXX (in some cases could be 2XXX, 3XXX, 4XXX, or 0XXX)
The transfer course may be articulated as departmental elective credit (for example, MATH 1XXX, PSY 3XXX, etc.) or just general elective credit (for example, ELEC 1XXX or ELEC 3XXX).  There may or may not be a General Education or other degree requirement attribute associated with the elective course.  The departmental elective and attributes are determined by the department in the articulation process.
If Weber State University has not yet articulated your transfer course, it will show as ELEC REV elective credit on your unofficial transcript and Cattracks degree evaluation.  This means that the course is currently being reviewed by the department and will be updated to one of the above statuses in the near future.
A transfer course can change from ELEC REV to ELEC 1TTT elective credit.  This indicates that the particular course articulation is no longer being reviewed.  No further action will be taken on the course unless a student or academic advisors contact us to restart the articulation process for one or more ELEC 1TTT courses.  Students and advisors can also decide to leave them as-is if the student’s program of study would not benefit from further articulation.

  • The most common reason behind an ELEC 1TTT is if the course is too old for Weber State University to find course description information.  In that situation, a student will have received an email from the Records Office asking the student to provide the course information within 30 days.  If the student does not provide that course information, the course is changed from ELEC REV to ELEC 1TTT.

Questions regarding transfer articulation can be directed to