Dance Area Mission

Dance Area Mission Statement

The Weber State University Dance Area is part of the Department of Performing Arts in the Lindquist College of Arts & Humanities.

Its mission aligns with the University Mission Statement emphasizing Access, Learning, and Community.



Students work closely with faculty, staff, community, and peers in the study of dance techniques, creative process, and history and theory.

Students develop skills, attitudes, and understandings that are key to our art form, and investigate dance’s relationship to other subjects and disciplines.



Students connect academic coursework and the tight-knit culture of public performance with community engagement.

They explore diverse perspectives and collaborate on high-impact projects that harness the power of Dance to impact our lives, our immediate surroundings, and our world.



Through regular advisement and scholarship opportunities, students are supported in their efforts to complete their degree, in an environment that supports student expression.

The degree provides education for enthusiastic and energetic students to use their passion for the art form to guide their career interests or advanced study choices.


Our students build professional skills through High-Impact Educational Experiences (HIEE):

                                                      Oral Communication – creative series, dance education courses, outreach & technique courses 

                                                      Written communication – culture, history and theory courses, creative series, & technique courses

                                                      Collaboration/Facilitation – creative series, dance education courses, outreach, and exposure to

                                                               professionals in the field

                                                      Kinesthetic Understanding/Performance – all courses

                                                      Digital Literacy & Production – Adobe Creative Suite, iMovie, Final Cut Pro, e-portfolios,

                                                               lighting/sound/costume foundations basics and performance production