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Submission Guidelines


Types of Submissions Accepted

Ergo: Weber State University Undergraduate Research Journal will be accepting Full-Length Research Articles as well as Travel Abstracts.

Full-Length Research Articles should be no longer than 2000 words, or eight journal pages, including all text and graphics*. The 2000-word limit includes the abstract, the body of the paper, and the references. Students from all departments at WSU are encouraged to submit articles to the journal. Full length articles are not required to have been presented at a conference to be published.

Travel Abstracts should be no longer than 350 words. For a research summary to be published in Ergo, it must have been presented at an undergraduate conference (e.g. state, regional, or national).  Your abstract will automatically be taken from the Undergraduate Travel Grant Application submission.  No additional steps are required.

*Graphics: The journal is not imposing a limitation on graphics, but due to space limitations, each published article cannot exceed eight journal pages. Also, the layout editors may need to meet with students who include graphics or images in their research to ensure that they are suitable for publication and formatted correctly.

Submission Guidelines

Format for Full-Length Articles

Submissions should be typed in 12 point, Times New Roman font and include a cover sheet and mentor signature page.

Please submit an electronic copy of your submission online at by the submission deadline.

Submissions should include a cover page with all required information.

Citations and references should follow the style outlined on the website (see documentation/reference guide).

Students are encouraged to use headings and, if appropriate, sub-headings in full length submissions to separate the article into sections.

Contact Information:  Submissions must include a reliable email address and phone number where the student can be reached. This information should go on cover page and will be entered in on the submission site.


Each submission must be approved by a mentor (current WSU faculty or staff). The mentor does not need to be directly involved with the research, but should read and review the research before it is submitted. The mentor should help the student correct any errors and problems with the manuscript before it is submitted. The mentor's signature on the Mentor/Student Signature Page is an endorsement of the student's work. Students should submit the Mentor/Student Signature Page together with the submission.

Review Policy

The first review process should happen between the student and the mentor. Students are also encouraged to take advantage of campus resources (professors, peers, writing center, etc.) in order to submit work that is accurate and polished.

When submissions are received, they will be reviewed blindly by a committee of peers and faculty in the same college as the student researcher. Following this review, the best submissions will be chosen for publication in Ergo. However, if the review committee determines that an article or abstract needs to be revised before being published, the journal staff will contact the student and ask him or her to make the appropriate revisions by a determined date. If the student agrees, he or she can make the changes and the article will be published. If the student is unable or unwilling to revise the article, another submission may be chosen for publication.