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About the Scholars


Meet Weber State University's Scholars! In the fall of 2019, we will be welcoming our third cohort of students. Each student is paired with a faculty mentor from their area of interest to get hands-on experience and high-impact learning opportunities. In addition to monthly seminars and engagement as research assistants, the scholars also participate in group activities such as parties, community service activities, and community-based research.


Second-Year Research Scholars

Bailey O'Leary

Brylee Eager
Radiology Tech.

Hannah Olsen
Web Design

Over the 2019 summer Hannah worked closely with Dr. Mark Denniston studying and peer-reviewing cases for consideration in the 2nd edition of the textbook he coauthored "Seven Deadly Sins." She dived into each case, full of facts, opinions and dissents. She summarized each in a one page brief, which she then I complied all the briefs (rewritten into the language of the text) with added transitions that could be added to the manuscript. She will be continuing with this project into this year and through the final stages of approval for the book until this June of 2020.

Hope Higley
Web Design

Jessica Jensen
Piano Performance

Katelyn Whiting

Loveena Winkelkotter
Elementary Education

McKenna Burwell

Morgan Tippets
Criminal Justice

Melissa Hanni

Zadoth Vazquez
Medical Labratry Scineces

Third-Year Research Scholars

Catherine Dunbar  

Cathrine is a senior at Weber State and is studying history.  She started the Scholars' program during the 2017-2018 academic year.  She has been working under the advisement of Dr. Brandon Little and conducted research on humanitarian efforts during WWII.  She presented her research at the Utah Conference on Undergraduate Research.  She has begun undertaking a new research project. Her research question is, "To what extent did awareness of the Holocaust alter anti-Semitism in America?"  What a fantastic and interesting question. We wish Cathrine the best of luck and look forward to hearing what she discovers.  


Kenly Rogers 
Elementary Education


Abbey Dunford 
Radiologic Tech.

Abby became a scholar as an incoming freshman during the fall semester of 2017. Immediately, she began working with Professors Ward and Nolan by completing literature reviews and diving into laboratory work and doing medical imaging. She presented initial findings of their work during the Utah Conference on Undergraduate Research held at Weber State University in the Spring of 2019.  She is continuing to work with Professor Ward by doing statistics and data analysis of the measurements she has taken of athlete's mandible, and is currently doing work in her field.



Lia Jenson 
Psychology/Interior Design

Lia became a scholar as an incoming freshman during the fall semester of 2017. Like all scholars, she took WSU 1560, "Research, Creativity, and Exploration among the Disciplines." In this class she expressed interest in learning about the relationship between colors and emotions. She began working with Dr. Aaron Ashley in Psychology. Last semester, Spring 2019, she presented their research at the Utah Conference of Undergraduate Education that explored how background color for product placement affects a person's valuation of the product. She is combining here experience with this research with her major field of study, interior design. In one of her classes (and to be considered for an interior design competition), she is designing a hotel from an abandoned brewery in Kansas City and which embraces environmental sustainability. She plans on creating an experiment and survey to explore how various designs affect a person's emotions. She will draw on prior literature that has explored the "Language of Color" and how room colors can affect our emotions. 

Aushea Lore
Computer Science

Katrina Aikens
Interior Design

Benjamin Kennaley