2019 RISE Awards

The Office of Sponsored Projects and Technology Commercialization is pleased to announce the awardees for the inaugural Research, Commercialization, and Entrepreneurial Awards. This program provides the opportunity to honor faculty that have distinguished themselves through research and innovation, and made noteworthy contributions to Weber State, the community, and the world. Awardees receive $1,500 and recognition for their contributions to research and innovation.

2019 Awardees

Outstanding Research Award
Dr. Susan Matt & Dr. Luke Fernandez

Dr. Matt and Dr. Fernandez co-authored the book Bored, Lonely, Angry, Stupid: Changing Feelings about Technology, from the Telegraph to Twitter. The book examines how technology is changing Americans' emotional lives--and how it has been doing so for centuries. It puts our contemporary worries about the digital age into historical perspective. Since its publication, it has garnered praise from reviewers, including Publisher's Weekly. Its genesis was an NEH Digital Humanities grant, for which Luke Fernandez was the Principal Investigator. The grant was awarded in 2011; co-investigators were Susan Matt and Scott Rogers.


Innovation Success
Dr. John Sohl

Dr. Sohl is a lead researcher for engineering and instrumentation on WSU's High Altitude Reconnaissance Balloon for Outreach and Research (HARBOR) project. He also has been involved in laser development engineering projects with the Utah Science Technology and Research Initiative, and with the Utah Center for Aeronautical Innovation and Design. Dr. Sohl has actively engaged students in those projects, providing them with experience and training for future positions in industry.


Entreprenuerial Spirit
Dr. Bruce Davis

Dr. Davis has been a driving force in creating an innovation ecosystem in Northern Utah. He has been advocating Weber State's role in economic development over the last 30 years.