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Name of Handout Description
Fractions One page summary of the rules on adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions. It also explains the strategy of how to clear fractions when solving an equation.
Graphing Rational Functions Part 1 Graphing Rational Functions Part 2 Six page handout with the tests for symmetry, asymptotes, and intercepts to assist in graphing a rational function. Following the tests are four comprehensive examples of graphing.
Logarithims Two page summary of the properties of logs. Complete with examples of how to change a log into exponential form, how to evaluate the decimal approximation of a log with the calculator, how to expand and condense logs, and more.
Linear Equations Two page handout showing you how to find the equation of a line using point-slope form, and how to transform the equation into standard form.
Mixture Problems Two page handout explaining the reasoning behind mixture problems, and showing a few examples on how to set them up and then solve.
Parent Graphs One page handout with the parent graph of linear equations, absolute values, circles, quadratics, cubics, square roots, exponentials, and logs. Good for visualizing the parent graph when graphing with transformations (vs graphing with points.)
Test Taking Tips One page handout with tips on how to prep for your math test, how to do well during the test, and what you should do after it is complete.
Graphing with Transformations Two page handout that leads you through graphing with transformations.
Induction One page handout that leads you through the steps and theory behind mathematical induction.

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