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Master of Health Administration 



Weber State University’s Master of Health Administration (MHA) and Executive Master of Health Administration (eMHA) programs meet the needs of both part-time and full-time healthcare professionals who want to advance into leadership roles.

The MHA courses are offered in a hybrid, face-to-face/online format, while the eMHA program is fully online. As an MHA or eMHA student, you’ll learn from WSU professors and working healthcare executives, and graduate with management, interpersonal, critical thinking, technical and organizational skills to prepare you for advanced roles in healthcare.

  Along with WSU's Regional Accreditation, our individual programs are accredited with their appropriate associations   

  • Along with WSU’s Regional Accreditation, our MHA program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME).

    CAHME accreditation is the benchmark for students and employers that ensures the integrity of graduate healthcare management education.

    CAHME accredited since 2012, the MHA program was reaccredited in 2015 with the longest accreditation period awarded by CAHME, a full 7-year accreditation.  CAHME accreditation is the gold standard for MHA education. The 7-year period of accreditation awarded to this program is a reflection of the outstanding educational experience provided to students in the MHA program at Weber State University. 




these are the foundational building blocks of our program and what you can expect out of your education 

  • Mission—know where we are

    The Master of Health Administration (MHA and eMHA) at Weber State University will be the premier program for the management education of healthcare leaders in the Intermountain West.

    The education graduate students receive will emphasize the MHA’s strong competency base, utilize an innovative hybrid model of delivery, and enhance working healthcare professionals’ ability to become leaders in their communities and in the healthcare industry. This program strives to instill students with a desire to focus on self-development, critical thinking, and life-long learning.

  • Vision—and where we are going

    The MHA degree at Weber State University will be the recognized program of choice in the Intermountain West and the desired source of leaders by the region’s health organizations.




  • Values

    The Values of the MHA and eMHA programs at Weber State University are:

    • Academic excellence
    • Critical thinking
    • Interpersonal intelligence
    • Cultural competence
  • Tradition of Excellence

    Housed in the prestigious Dr. Ezekiel R. Dumke College of Health Professions, the MHA program at Weber State University was the first MHA program approved in Utah as a stand-alone MHA program, not designed as a side note to a business degree. 

    The program is built on the foundation of a solid undergraduate health administration program that has been in existence since 1983. The MHA Program is carrying on that long-standing tradition of innovation and commitment to excellence in order to meet the healthcare leadership needs in Utah and nationally. With a current network of hundreds of successful alumni, our program continues to set the standard of academic excellence.

  • Student Success

    Each year, we measure the effectiveness of our programs as shown by student achievement: graduation rates and employment rates.

    Of the MHA students who graduated in 2020, 91% had jobs in healthcare at the time of graduation.

    The combined 2021 MHA and eMHA cohorts, students who entered the programs in 2019, had a 98% program completion rate.


  • Exceptional Learning Environment

    Since the inception of the MHA program at Weber State University, the program has been geared towards working healthcare professionals, the majority of which are working full-time in healthcare. The addition of the Executive MHA program in 2015 provided even more flexibility for working professionals. The class accepted to begin fall of 2020 had an average of 6.2 years of healthcare experience upon admission. This experience facilitates an elevated learning environment that benefits all students in the programs. The MHA and eMHA programs continue to innovate in order to meet the needs of students while maintaining the highest standards of education.

    Program faculty bring many years of real-world experience, teaching and doctoral education to the MHA and eMHA programs. They have held positions on hospital management teams as CEOs, directors of quality improvement, long-term care administrators, marketing directors, strategic planners, past president of WSU and more. They serve on boards, are involved in research, publishing and a variety of activities that help them stay current in the issues of health administration.

    A long-standing tradition at Weber State University is to provide the highest level of education while remaining student-focused. The MHA and eMHA programs continue this legacy of commitment to both education and students. Students benefit from being taught in courses all focused on healthcare by faculty members dedicated to the MHA programs and passionate about providing a personalized learning experience. Our faculty are not only interested in providing the highest quality learning experience, but recognize that an integral part of that experience is ensuring that they are approachable and responsive to students.


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