Tuition & Financial Aid

We offer one of the most affordable Master of Arts in English degree in Utah.
Along with the small price come small class sizes, generally 15 students. In addition, all of our faculty hold terminal degrees and are passionate about teaching. All of this makes a master’s in English at Weber State University a terrific value. 

How much will it cost for the MA?

The estimated cost to complete the degree can be found using the Tuition/Fee table.

Most students complete the 33-credit-hour minimum in 6 semesters.

Tuition/Fee Table

Does the program offer scholarships?

Yes. Scholarships are generally awarded during the spring semester for the following year. While awarding scholarships, we carefully consider academic performance, contributions to the profession and contributions to the program.

We gladly offer the following scholarships:

Traiblazer Scholarship
This scholarship will be awarded to students with outstanding potential who actively contribute to a richer, more varied academic landscape.

Need-Based Completion Award
This scholarship will be awarded to an applicant who is within 12 credit hours of graduation and who has demonstrated financial need. 

Excellence in Scholarship or Creativity Award
This scholarship will be awarded to a student who excels in scholarly/creative activity that goes beyond the classroom.

Wildcat Scholarship
This scholarship will be awarded to a student who received their undergraduate degree from Weber State with the highest GPA of all applicants that cycle.

To apply for any of these scholarships, you must complete a FAFSA and fill out a scholarship application form. Read on for further information concerning these items. 

Is financial aid available for graduate students?

Yes. You may receive un-subsidized loans to help offset costs.

To apply, you'll need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You will be classified as full-time if you register for 9 graduate semester hours. However, for the purposes of financial aid, you must be registered half-time, which requires a minimum of 5 graduate credit hours.

Apply for Financial Aid

Are Teaching and Research Assistantships available?

Yes. Each year, the program employs Graduate Instructors, Research Assistants, and Teaching Assistants.

Graduate Instructors earn up to three credits of tuition waivers* and an adjunct salary for each course they teach. GIs are graduate students with some teaching or teaching-adjacent experience, who are the instructor of record on a section of ENGL 1010 or 2010. Interested students must apply, complete a teaching demonstration and interview, and complete several training requirements prior to teaching. Applications are accepted twice a year for the following semesters: in late-February/early-March for the following Fall semester, and in October for the following Spring semester. GIs must take MENG 6822: Teaching College Writing and 6823: Practicum in their first semester.

Research Assistants earn a tuition waiver* plus an hourly wage for assisting English professors with their research projects. RAs are chosen annually, with the application period typically available in June for the following academic year. Federal work study eligibility is preferred, so make sure you complete your FAFSA.

Teaching Assistants earn three credits of tuition waivers* plus an hourly wage for each course they assist. TAs work under the mentorship of one of our faculty members, learning from them in the classroom, and assisting with grading papers, student communications, classroom operations, and more. TAs are expected to prepare and teach at least 5 class sessions on their own, under the guidance of their faculty mentor.

* Tuition waivers do not include the cost of the graduate differential or student fees

Is funding available for conference travel?

Yes. We love it when our students are invited to present their work! Please let the MA English program director know if you have accepted to present at a conference. You are eligible for up to $500 to support your conference fees and travel.