Frequently Asked Questions

What can LEAP do for me?

  • Second language credit for graduation
  • Elective credits for graduation
  • For your language knowledge 
  • Academic based program
  • Students learn the skills they need to succeed in their other university classes 

Would FAFSA pay for LEAP classes?

  • Yes!

Where do most resident students place? 

  • Level 5 - Complete the program in 1 semester 

Do I need LEAP or Developmental English? 

  • Developmental is for Native English speakers
  • LEAP is for students for more than one language, including English. 

When I finish LEAP, can I take ENGLISH 1010?

  • Yes!

If I pass the LEAP placement test, can I go into 1010?

  • Yes!

How much does the test cost?

  • Free

How long does the placement test take?

  • 1 1/2 hours to 3 hours

If I have a TOEFL score, do I still need to test?

  • If your score is under 61, yes.

Do I get credits for LEAP classes?

  • Yes!

When I finish LEAP, do I need to take a test?

  • No!

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