General Information / Pre-Authorization (Part I on travel envelope)

  • The card is approved for travel.
  • The supervisor gave prior approval. (Airline tickets were purchased after approval.)

WSU P-Card / Expenditures (Part II)

  • Part two lists only p-card purchases.
  • ATM withdrawals are reasonable & are included in the reconciliation.
  • Items are listed in the correct columns.

Non P-Card Expenditures (Part III)

  • Part three includes only business expenses, not per diem items.
  • Cash purchases are listed appropriately.
  • Odometer readings are included if standard miles are not used.
  • Total misc. purchases without receipts do not exceed $20.00.
  • All misc. purchases are itemized.

Reconciliation of Cash and Personal Expenses (Part IV)

  • Per diem calculations accurately reflect airline ticket times.
  • All calculations are correct.

Approval (Part V)

  • The travel log is signed by the traveler and the supervisor before going to the cashier.
  • The travel log was reconciled to the statement and signed by the reconciler after the statement was received.

Travel Documentation Inside the Envelope

  • The travel envelope is on file.
  • The conference agenda is in the envelope.
  • Airline tickets are in the envelope.
  • Airline ticket information matches up with envelope information.
  • All receipts are present.
  • The cashier receipt for the remaining amount (due to the university or due to the traveler) is in the packet.

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