Portfolio Management

The IT Division has established Portfolios for project tracking and governance. There are eight portfolios for which a Sponsor and IT Manager facilitate. Each portfolio focuses on the project assigned areas. Some of the portfolios have been functioning for many years. Others are new and finding their way.
Project proposals are submitted and ranked by the portfolio. Once ranked the IT Directors evaluate resources and timelines for project approvals.

Here is a list of the portfolios we currently sponsor:

  • Academic Portfolio
  • Administrative Portfolio
  • Continuing Education Portfolio
  • Data Management Portfolio
  • Enrollment Services Portfolio
  • Infrastructure Portfolio
  • Student Affairs Portfolio (new)
  • Web and Digital Management Portfolio

Weber State IT Portfolio Overview

Forms for completing project proposals, charters, workflow processes, lessons learned and project sign-offs are all provided. Completed and approved documents are stored in a secure location and managed/updated throughout the project lifecycle.


IT Project Charter Form
IT Project Proposal Form
Project Process Flow
Lessons Learned