Campus Technology Coordinators (CTC)

The CTC (Campus Technology Coordinators) committee is made up of technology professionals from departments, divisions, and colleges across campus. The CTC meets regularly to collaborate on goals, share best practices, and identify technology trends and issues affecting Weber State University.


The CTC Board is comprised of eleven members--elected yearly by the General committee--including two representatives from each of the following areas: IT Division, Administrative Services Division and Student Affairs Division, and three from Academic Affairs (at least one faculty and one technical staff). The committee is co-chaired by two IT Division representatives. CTC General Committee meetings are facilitated on a rotational basis by all Board members. The committee includes an ex-officio non-voting member, the Vice President of Information Technology, and a recorder.


Committee goals are established, pursued, and assessed by fiscal year. Goals are suggested by CTC members, discussed and voted upon by the general committee, and approved by the Board. A committee is established for each goal, with a committee leader approved by the Board. The committee develops and reports on the goals on a monthly basis. Each committee works closely with IT Division staff and the CTC general committee in the accomplishment of the established goals.


CTC General meetings occur approximately every month. Time and date vary in order to allow maximum participation. Standing agenda items include 1) Campus Information Security Update, 2) Update and Discussion on Yearly Goals, 3) Presentations and Planned Discussions on Current Topics, 4) Ad Hoc Discussion on Topics Suggested by Members. Meeting minutes are recorded and distributed to committee members.

CTC Bylaws