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Campus Technology Coordinators (CTC)


The CTC (Campus Technology Coordinators) committee is made up of technology professionals from departments, divisions, and colleges across campus. The CTC meets regularly to collaborate on goals, share best practices, and identify technology trends and issues affecting Weber State University.


Committee goals are established, pursued, and assessed by fiscal year. Goals are suggested by CTC members, discussed and voted upon by the general committee, and approved by the Board. A committee is established for each goal, with a committee leader approved by the Board. The committee develops and reports on the goals on a monthly basis. Each committee works closely with IT Division staff and the CTC general committee in the accomplishment of the established goals.

CTC Bylaws

CTC Board

The CTC Board is comprised of members - appointed by the General CTC committee including representatives from the following areas: Information Technology, Administrative Services, Student Affairs, and Academic Affairs and is co-chaired by two IT Division representatives. CTC General Committee meetings are facilitated on a rotational basis by all Board members. The committee includes ex-officio members from Student Affairs and the IT Division, the Vice President of Information Technology, and a meeting recorder/facilitator.

Bret Ellis

Ex-Officio, IT Division
VP of IT

Shelly L Belflower

Ex-Officio / Co-Chair, IT Division
Academic Technology Services

Ty Naylor

Co-Chair / CTC Recorder Communication, Events, Training and Education

Clayton Oyler

Ex-Officio, Student Affairs Technology
Academic Support Centers - Programs

Chip Coleman

Student Affairs CTC
Academic Support Centers - Programs

Quin Dixon

IT Division CTC
IT Service Desk, Support Operations

Weston Larsen

Academic Affairs CTC
Continuing Education IT

Assad Reichdan

Administrative Services CTC
Facilities Management IT

Mark Ashby

IT Division CTC
College of Arts & Humanities

Nick Lambert

Academic Affairs CTC
College of Social & Behavioral Sciences

Paul Dykman

Academic Affairs CTC
College of Education

Cayden Allen

Administrative Services CTC
Financial Services IT

ARCC Chair

Faculty CTC
Lixuan (Grace) Shang

General Meeting Agendas

CTC General meetings occur approximately every month. Time and date vary in order to allow maximum participation. Standing agenda items include 1) Campus Information Security Update, 2) Update and Discussion on Yearly Goals, 3) Presentations and Planned Discussions on Current Topics, 4) Ad Hoc Discussion on Topics Suggested by Members. Meeting minutes are recorded and distributed to committee members.


Computer Standards

Weber State University IT functions through a distributed model. Campus Technology Coordinators (CTCs)(representing all areas of the University) meet monthly to discuss important issues and projects so that all members with IT roles have a voice. We chose to have each Division and college create their own technology replacement plans as they each fund and replace computers and other technology in different ways.

The campus maintains a computing standard, managed by central IT and Purchasing. The replacement plans are approved by each College and/or Division and updated as needed.


ASUS Motherboard; Intel processor; ASUS includes PTT chip, integrated graphics with HDMI and Display ports, integrated Bluetooth, and integrated audio.

Adata 8GB RAM DDR4

Rosewill Mid-Tower Case (min 30-watt power supply) with front-side USB

Adata 512GB Solid State Disk drive SSD

Windows 10 Home or Pro OEM (Enterprise-level OS compatible)


4-Yr On-site Parts and Labor Warranty


Lenovo ThinkPad; Ryzen 5 processor; Integrated TPM 2.0 chip, integrated Bluetooth and graphics with mini-display port; 14.1" display

Adata 16 GB RAM; 8GB on motherboard; 8GB added.

Western Digital 500GB Solid State Disk Drive (SSD)

Integrated:  AX200 11az Intel wireless 802.11 n or newer

Touchpad mouse

2x 3.0 USB A & 1 USB C ports USB-A Ports

Windows 10 Home or Pro OEM (Enterprise-level OS compatible)

4-Yr onsite Parts and Labor Warranty

Lab NUCs

Intel NUC 1015FNK; i5 processor; PTT chip integrated; Ethernet, integrated audio and graphics; HDMI port; 3 USB A ports.  

Adata Swordfish 512 GB Solid State Disk Drive (SSD)

Adata 8 GB RAM

Windows 10 Home or Pro OEM (Enterprise-level OS compatible)

4-yr. onsite Parts and Labor warranty

Replacement Plans

Each area (listed below) is covered by a CTC that has information about the status of an approved plan or links to a completed plan.

Academic Affairs Division Campus Technology Coordinator (CTC) Replacement Plan/Status
College of Arts and Humanities (CAH) Mark Ashby CAH plan
College of Education (COE) Paul Dykman COE plan
College of Engineering, Applied Science and Technology (EAST) Brad Naisbitt EAST plan
Dumke College of Health Professions (DCHP) Eric Bennick plan under revision
College of Science (COS) Nic Meldrum COS plan
College of Social & Behavioral Sciences (CSBS) Nicholas Lambert CSBS plan
Department of Continuting Education (DOCE) Allen Lore DOCE plan
Goddard School of Business & Economics Patrick Leavitt GSBE plan
Stewart Library Chris Hauser or Ludwig Possie Library plan
Information Technology Division Campus Technology Coordinator (CTC) Replacement Plan/Status
Information Technology Shelly Belflower Service Desk Supported Areas plan
Davis Campus Scott Peterson Davis plan
IT Service Desk Supported Areas Quin Dixon Service Desk Supported Areas plan
Student Affairs Division Campus Technology Coordinator (CTC) Replacement Plan/Status
Student Affairs Clayton Oyler Student Affairs plan
Administrative Services Division Campus Technology Coordinator (CTC) Replacement Plan/Status
Financial Services Lanny Ellis Financial Services Plan
Miller Admin/Enrollment Services Quin Dixon MA/ES plan
Facilities Management Assad Reichdan in process
University Advancement Division Campus Technology Coordinator (CTC) Replacement Plan/Status
University Advancement Allen Lore UA plan