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About Us

We produce a full range of media products, from routine to complex, using creative design concepts and the latest technology for Weber State faculty and staff. Our goal is to collaborate and provide professional-grade multimedia solutions to meet your academic needs.


Contact Us

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Alan Ferrin

Senior Manager
Contact for:
Digital Fluency, Creative Direction, Media Consulting and Training
Office: LP 208
Phone: (801) 626-6410

Jim Godwin

Senior Media Developer
Contact for:
Post-Production, 3D Design, Motion Graphics, Visual Effects, Captioning
Office: LP 209
Phone: (801) 626-7703

Joe Salmond

Senior Media Developer
Contact for: 
Graphic Design, Kaltura, Media Asset Management
Office: LP 204
Phone: (801) 626-7056

Ryan Belnap

Senior Media Developer
Contact for:
 Photography, DIY Studio, Virtual Tours, Photogrammetry
Office: LP 203A
Phone: (801) 626-6865

David Rodriguez

Media Developer
Contact for:
 Video Production, Aerial Videography, Equipment Checkout, Media Conversion
Office: LP 207
Phone: (801) 626-7563

Briana Scroggins

Media Developer
Contact for:
Photography, Video Production, Visual Story Development
Office: LP 203B
Phone: (801) 626-8175

Now Hiring

Assistant Media Developer
LP 207