Students as Research Subjects

Weber State Students

Faculty members and/or students
who proposes research projects involving students enrolled in a WSU course MUST observe the following guidelines when providing extra credit for research participation.

  • Students have the legal right of refusal without fear of repercussion in any form.  In other words, you must provide other opportunities for nonparticipating students to acquire the same extra credit as those who participate.
    • WSU IRB will not approve an application which does not explicitly state the options students will be given to earn extra credit. 
    • The options for earning extra credit should be of equal difficulty in comparison with participation in the project.  Inequitable extra credit options are considered unethical.
    • We strongly recommend the instructor provide detailed information regarding extra credit in the syllabus at the beginning of the semester and submit a copy of the syllabus with the application
    • If the project is proposed later on during the semester, detailed information regarding options for extra credit must be supplied to the students in the form of a signed consent or information letter.
  • Students also have the right to discontinue participation as research subjects without losing an extra credit opportunity. 
  •  A copy of the Informed Consent Form or an Informed Consent Statement (if a consent form is not required) should always be available for the student to take with them after consent or participation.

High School, Middle School, Elementary School or Community Organization Students 
  • In MOST cases projects involving students under the age of 18 BOTH parental consent and student ascent are required. If you believe your investigation is eligible for a wavier of this requirement please provide supporting evidence in your application.  
  • Students have the right to discontinue participation in a research subjects at ANY TIME without repercussion or penalty. 

  • Many area school districts and area organization have their own IRB, it is the responsibility of the applicant to determine if these apply their project. Final WSU IRB authorization will not be issued until applicible access is granted. 


Page Updated 19 Aug. 2014