Information for Student Researchers

  • Please read through to assure all items have been completed prior to submitting your IRB application.

At WSU the Principal Investigator for student projects is always the faculty advisor
BIS Students: Please speak with your BIS committee about who will be your faculty research advisor. You will submit your application to his/her College Subcommittee. 

     IRB Training.  When a student submits an IRB application for review, both the student and his/her advising professor must complete the NIH training course and attach copies of their CITI certificate of completion to the student's IRB application.  This computer-based tutorial provides information about the IRB as well as research ethics in general.  You can access this computer-based training course from the human subjects training page. 


     Local School Access: For anyone proposing research using subjects within a given school district, you need to secure approval/support from the district offices.  Attach a copy of the district's approval form/letter of support to the IRB application. NOTE: Some school district may have their own IRB process, you must have support of the school district before a full WSU IRB approval will be issued. 



Page Updated: August 2023