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Download the PDF here: Event Calendar 2019-20

Event Calendar

Food for Thought Fall 2019

The Universal Experience of Imposter Syndrome & How to Combat It
12 pm - 1 pm

Honors Center (Stewart Library 324)

Ever feel that if you get 99% on a test, it is still not good enough? That asking for help is basically admitting to failure? Do you feel any success you receive is undeserved or that you have to keep up a charade? Learn how this affects everyone and ways you can combat the universal feeling of Imposter Syndrome. 

Tracey Smith Presents: How Hitchcock Changed Cinema
12 pm - 1 pm


Dr. Tracey Smith is an Honors and History professor who specializes in the history of television and media. He will discuss the work of the film director and producer, Alfred Hitchcock, and how his influential filmmaking changed cinema. 

Honors Center (Stewart Library 324)

Enterprising Empires: Russia & Britain 
12 p.m.

Honors Center (Stewart Library 324)

Movie Night (Afternoon)

The Big Short

Honors Center (Stewart Library 324)


Honors Center (Stewart Library 324)


Honors Center (Stewart Library 324)

Other Events

Honors Picnic

40th Street Park, South Ogden

Join us for our annual Honors Picnic Kick-off! Start the semester off right by meeting the Honors Program staff, faculty, and students at the 40th Street Park for delicious street tacos, fun yard games, and great raffle prizes! 



Winter Open House                                   

Honors Center, LI 324

Celebrate the last day of classes with the Honors Progrma faculty, staff, and students! Stop by for a hot drink and yummy treats!