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What Were You Wearing?

Purpose of the Exhibit

The intent of the exhibit is to break down the stigma of sexual assault while dispelling victim-blaming behaviors and rape myths. Survivors of sexual assault are often asked “What were you wearing?” placing the burden of the crime onto them. Clothing is irrelevant and does not provoke sexual assault.

Navigating the exhibit will put you in the shoes of the survivor by viewing the outfits, reading the stories, and engaging in the various other installments. 

Presented by the Honors 3900 course, What Were You Wearing? is an art exhibit based on survivor descriptions of the clothes they wore during their sexual assault. These stories were collected from survivors by Dr. McKenzie Wood and Dr. Kathryn Sperry, and the students of the honors course have interpreted and recreated these outfits based on the described experiences. 

Exhibit Agenda

Wednesday, April 12 in Lindquist Hall, Weber State Ogden Campus

8:00 am: Exhibit Opens

10:30 - 11:20 am: Safe Harbor presentation

11:30 am - 12:20 pm: Special Victims Unit, Ogden Police Department

6:00 pm: Exhibit Closes


Statistics & Prevalence

  • 18.1% of Utah women have been raped. 
  • 47.8% have experienced sexual assault other than rape.
  • 1 in 25 Utah men have experienced rape or attempted rape.
  • 45.5% of bisexual Utahns and 33.6% lesbian or gay Utahns have experienced sexual violence at some point in their lives.
  • Only 11.8% of rapes or sexual assaults in Utah are reported. When reported, only 6 - 11% are prosecuted. 
  • Utah ranks 9th in the nation for number of rapes her capita. 

Campus Wellness & Resources:

Please take the time to learn about the exhibit and find support and resources for both survivors and allies.

Community Resources:


Recognition and Thank You:

ABC4 Good Things Utah
Dove Center
Catholic Community Services
College of Social & Behavioral Sciences Dean's Office
Deseret Industries
Honors Program
Safe Harbor Crisis Center
Special Victims Unit, Ogden Police Department
University of Wisconsin
WSU Criminal Justice Department
WSU Psychology Department

Start by believing. Hear their stories. Support survivors.