Journal of World History

Matthew P. Romaniello, Editor

Weber State University is the home to the editorial office of the Journal of World History (JWH). JWH publishes research into historical questions requiring the investigation of evidence on a global, comparative, cross-cultural, or transnational scale. It is devoted to the study of phenomena that transcend the boundaries of single states, regions, or cultures, such as large-scale population movements, long-distance trade, cross-cultural technology transfers, and the transnational spread of ideas. JWH is the official journal of the World History Association, and is published by the University of Hawaii Press


Students have two opportunities to work on JWH, either by taking History 3530 (History Editing), offered as an independent study every semester, or by taking History 4860 (Internships in Historical Studies). Students unfamiliar with editing work are encouraged to take History 3530; History 4860 requires some experience before applying for the internship. Both courses count toward completing the requirements of the Public History minor.

History 3530: History Editing
An important part of Public History is the practice of editing historical scholarship and historical documents, posters and exhibits, and online materials. This course in History Editing will focus on the practical editing skills required of a public historian in their career.  It will begin with training in copyediting and preparation of manuscripts according to The Chicago Manual of Style, allow students to gain familiarity with a variety of texts across multiple publishing venues, and then focus on the application of these skills to support the production of a scholarly journal, Journal of World History.  This course will provide students a “hands on” experience in managing manuscript submission, the scholarly review process, and copyediting and preparing manuscripts for publication. Based on this experience, students will develop a practical skill set for future work as public historians, archivists, or editors. No pre-requisite required.

History 4860: Internships in Historical Studies
Faculty supervised internships in public history institutions. Each internship is individually established and provides students with practical experience and the opportunity to apply and learn new professional skills. Prerequisite: Junior-class standing permission of instructor and field supervisor.  Students are also required to complete an application for the position.




Vol. 34, no. 3 (September 2023)

Barend Noordam, "Chinese Volley Fire and Metanarratives of World History"

Benjamin Lieberman, "Invulnerability and the Cartography of Resistance to Imperialism"

Tatiana Linkhoeva, "Samurai and Mongols: How a Medieval Samurai Became Chinggis Khan"

Stephen Fender, "The Mexican Labor Movement and the Global Scripts of Revolution, 1910-1929"

Melvin Barnes, Jr., "China and the Spirit of Booker T. Washington: Applying Lessons from the Southern Black American Experience in Rural Republican China, 1920 to 1940"


Vol. 34, no. 2 (June 2023)

Ching-Yin Nathan Kwan, "'The Destruction of a Common Foe': The Expedition against Shap-ng-tsai and the International Dimensions of Suppressing Chinese Piracy"

Malika Zekhini, "Shaping (Il)legal Mobilities: Regulations, Pilgrim Passports and the Hajj in Tsarist Central Asia during the Turn of the Nineteenth Century"

Frederick Lorenz, "Agents, Ambassadors, and Imams: Ottoman-British Transimperialism in the Cape of Good Hope, 1862-1869"

Hollian Wint, "'From desh to desh': The Family Firm as Trans-local Household in the Nineteenth-Century Western Indian Ocean"

Brandon Kinney, "'The Rifle is the Symbol': The AK-47 in Global South Iconography"


Vol. 34, no. 1 (March 2023)

Special Issue on Global Travel, Exploration, and Comparative Study of Empire


Vol. 33, no. 4 (December 2022)

Anke Hein, "Culture Contacts in Ancient Worlds: A Review of Theoretical Debates and Practical Applications"

Kunlong Chen, Jianjun Mei, Lu Wang, and Anke Hein, "Interaction and Localisation: New Insights into Early Metallurgy in China"

Edmond Smith and Mariana Boscariol, "Akan Relations, Commercial Networks, and the Portuguese Empire in West Africa, 1482-1637"

Yuval Givon, "Connecting Eurasia: Jesuit Experimentation with Overland Mobility between China and Europe, 1656-1664"

William Carrigan and Clive Webb, "African Americans and the Lynchings of Foreign Nationals in the United States" 


Vol. 33, no. 3 (September 2022)

Yijie Zhuang and Cheng Li, "The Spread and Regional Development of Wheat Farming in the Yellow River Valley under the Han Empire"

Igor Chabrowski, "Seventeenth-Century Foreign Lives of Ayutthaya: Sources of Cross-Cultural Cooperation and Integration in the Asian Trading Entrepôt"

John K. Bragg, "The Privileged and the Unprotected: U.S. Consuls, Return Migrants, and Extraterritorial Debates in the Ottoman Empire, 1830-1914"

Jacob Tropp, "U.S. Indian Affairs, British Imperial Africa, and Transcolonial Dialogues over Conservation and 'Native Development' in the 1930s"

Frederick Cooper, "Decolonizations, Colonizations, and More Decolonizations: The End of Empire in Time and Space"


Vol. 33, no. 2 (June 2022)

Giorgio Riello, "The 'Material Turn' in World and Global History"

Erik Glowark, "The Christian Seas of Kyushu: How Local Maritime Networks Facilitated the Introduction of Catholicism to Japan in the Mid-Sixteenth Century"

Guanmian Xu, "From the Atlantic to the Manchu: Taiwan Sugar and the Early Modern World, 1630s-1720s"

Scott Reese, "The Myth of Immobility: Women and Travel in the British Imperial Indian Ocean"

Charles Mercier, "Religion and the Contemporary Phase of Globalization: Insights from a Study of John Paul II's World Youth Days"


Vol. 33, no. 1 (March 2022)

Karen Eva Carr, "A Short History of Feather Fans' Spread and Cultural Connotations, from Bronze Age Africa East to China and West to Europe"

Liping Wang and Geng Tian, "Breaking the Containment: Horse Trade between the Ming Empire and its Northern Neighbors, 1368-1570"

Dariusz Kolodziejczyk, "Captive Colonizers: The Role of Prisoners of War from Poland Lithuania and the Crimean Khanate in the Russian Subjugation of Eastern Siberia"

Simon Ville, Vanessa Finney, and Jarrod Hore, "Chains of Custody, Oceans of Instability: The Precarious Logistics of the Natural History Trade"

Taiwo Bello, "Abie Nathan and his Double-Edged Missions: The Transnational Humanitarian and Human Rights Activist in the Nigeria-Biafra War"