Weber Historical Society Lecture Series

The Weber Historical Society offers an array of lectures that cover topics from across the globe and around the state.

We are changing where we hold the Weber Historical Society Lecture Series. Lindquist Hall is located on the northwest corner of the WSU Ogden campus.

All lectures are free and open to the public.
Lindquist Hall room 101 7PM

Spring 2023

Blue baseball hat from cover of bookJanuary 23 Monday 7PM
Lasorda University: The 1968 Ogden Dodgers

Zach Minasian

The Ogden Dodgers were a minor league baseball team in Ogden. The famous baseball manager, Tommy Lasorda, managed the team from 1966 to 1968. Zach Minasian will describe his experience with the 1968 team.

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Profile pic of Dr. Erin BushFebruary 27 Monday 7PM
"Objectionable Girls: Criminalizing Female Behavior in the Early 20th Century"

Dr. Erin Bush

Erin Bush is an assistant professor at University of North Georgia. Her presentation will focus on policing girls and juvenile detention homes in the early 20th century.

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Book cover for The Religion-Supported State, a drawing of a churchMarch 13 Monday 7PM
"The Religion-Supported State: How Early National New England Explains Church-State Relations in America Today"

Dr. Nathan Rives

Why do Americans embrace the separation of church and state and yet so often end up disputing political issues on the basis of religious beliefs? Dr. Nathan Rives will explore how the religious politics of America's formative generations set the stage for the paradoxes of our own time.

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Profile pic of Dr. Keith A. EreksonApril 17 Monday 7PM
"Real vs. Rumor: How to Survive in the Information Age"

Dr. Keith A. Erekson

Rumors, hoaxes, conspiracy theories, forgeries... American culture is currently awash with misinformation and disinformation about everything from politics to health care to religion. How can we recognize rumors? Who is most susceptible to them? How can we discern and embrace what is real?

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