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Why Choose History?

"The Presidential Leadership Program has given me the opportunity to tell my story of why I chose Weber State University to those who are making the decisions that affect us as students on a daily basis, it has given me the opportunity to network with them and advocate for the student body. This ranges from state legislators, high level donors, and President Mortensen himself. The program has helped develop me into a stronger, more efficient leader."

Austin Petersen, Class of 2023, History Major, Weber State University

“I chose history as my major for that sweet spot where history and literature meet. In my medieval and Renaissance Europe classes I read Beowulf, as well as works by Dante, Chaucer, Shakespeare, Milton, and Defoe. History courses also taught me how to conduct research, interpret evidence, and improved my academic writing, all of which will serve me well as I pursue a Master of Arts in English Literature. The quality of the education I received at Weber State University was all the reason I needed to stay here.”

William Ward, Class of 2022, M.A. Student, Weber State University

“In the History program, I learned and developed the analytical and writing skills that gave me an edge in the law school application process. My history professors have been there for me the entire journey. Weber State University’s History Department is a gem, and I am honored to have been a part of it.”

Jessie Weeks, Class of 2021, University of Utah Quinney School of Law

“Faculty support meant all the difference during the graduate school application process.  I feel that my achievements not only reflect my efforts, but also the excellent instruction I have received at Weber.”

Ashley Smouse, Class of 2021, M.A. Student, William and Mary University

“Studying history at WSU helped me develop research, analysis, and writing skills that improved my academic performance in other areas and allowed me to secure funding to pursue an MA. The Weber State History Department offers a wide range of classes with world-class professors in a number of different fields.  Choosing a degree in history from WSU was an excellent decision for me as I continue my education and pursue new opportunities in government, NGOs, and nonprofits.”

Corbin LeBaron, Class of 2018, M.A. Idaho State University, 2021

“I first started at Weber State in 1999. I chose history because, to me, history is fascinating. It is used everyday in almost every occupation. In order to see what is going to happen in the future, one must first analyze the past. The professors in the history department are some of the smartest people I have ever encountered, and their encouragement and willingness to help students succeed is second to none. Now this semester, just shy of 20 years later, I will be graduating with my degree in history, and I haven’t been this excited about something for a long time. Weber State and the people in the history department have made all this happen for me, and I can’t put into words how much this means to me and my family.” 2022 Update: "Since graduating I have worked as a certified teacher in Secondary Education teaching U.S. & World History to High Schoolers in Arizona. I also have a Utah certification."

Colby Baty, Class of 2018

“The courses I took and the relationships I developed at Weber State’s history department not only helped me gain admission into a top PhD program [Duke], but they also helped me to develop the critical and analytical thinking skills that our ever-changing world demands, and to sharpen the writing and argumentation abilities that it requires. And at at time when our nation faces monumental social, economic and political challenges, what I learned here helped me to appreciate nuance and to think empathetically and, more importantly, it prepared me to effectively use historical knowledge to tackle contemporary problems and offer creative solutions for our future. Weber State’s history department is a challenging environment, full of caring professors and brilliant minds.”

Eladio Bobadilla, Class of 2013, Ph.D. Duke University 2019, Assistant Professor of History, University of Kentucky 2019

"Studying History at Weber State allows students to gain two incredibly marketable skills - research and critical thinking. These skills are applicable in any field. A history student has limitless opportunities if he/she is willing to apply the skills they learn in the department. Take me for example. I graduated with a degree in History in 2009. I went into technical writing, where my ability to research and successfuly interpret advanced technical concepts allowed me to quickly climb the corporate ladder."

Kevin Hiatt, Class of 2009, Program Manager, L-3 Communications

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Mission Statement


The Weber State History Department embraces the vital role of history as the record of political, social, economic, and cultural events and achievements of humankind. We recognize history's power to illuminate the present and inform the future, reflecting the core values and missions of both the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences and Weber State University’s Amplified Strategic Plan.


Our overarching mission is to empower students with a comprehensive understanding of history while nurturing their analytical and interpretive skills. We are committed to aligning our department's goals with the broader university mission and the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences' dedication to excellence, inclusivity, and positive impact.




Key Contacts



Sara Dant

Department Chair             Lindquist Hall 258


Jenna Daniels

Administive Specialist III     Lindquist Hall 232
Phone: 801-626-6706       



Stephen Francis

Department of History Advisor

Director Social Science Education/History Alliance
Lindquist Hall 273


CSBS Academic Advisors

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Advisor
Lindquist Hall