Prospective Peer Mentors

Apply to be a peer mentor by completing this form and submitting it along with your resume and unofficial transcript to the Student Success Center SC 140.


Required criteria:

  • Be a full-time WSU student
  • Have completed one semester at WSU
  • Minimum GPA of 2.5 to remain eligible for activity waivers
  • Be knowledgeable of WSU services
  • Provide names of two WSU staff or faculty members as references (not your UNIV 1105 instructor or peer mentor)

Preferred criteria:

  • Be nominated by a WSU instructor (preferably an FYE instructor)
  • Have successfully completed Foundations of College Success (UNIV 1105), formerly Introduction to the University (EDUC 1105) 
  • Have completed one academic year at WSU
  • Have at least a 3.0 GPA
  • Not be employed full time

*For more information on this scholarship, please see the FYE Tuition Waiver Agreement.


Instructor evaluation of peer mentors 
Student evaluation of peer mentors 
Resource Library Excerpt



Required Educational Workshops:

  • Attend Fall Kick-off each August
  • Enroll in Peer Mentor Leadership Seminar (UNIV 3170). In this upper-division course, you will learn how to effectively communicate with and work with FYE students and FYE instructors
  • Attend optional additional educational workshops (e.g., Academy of Leadership) that FYE can sometimes fund

Peer Mentor Leadership Seminar (UNIV 3170):                        

  • Attend each class session
  • Actively participate in class discussions
  • Successfully complete assignments outlined in UNIV 3170 syllabus.

To apply what is learned in UNIV 3170, attend Foundations of College Success (UNIV 1105) and

  • Attend planning meetings with instructor
  • Attend each class session
  • Organize Collaborative Learning Experience (CLE)
  • Present weekly 5-minute announcements
  • Give three or four 10-15 minute presentations
  • Participate in class discussions
  • Assist student in group activities
  • Interact with students outside of class