Faculty and Staff Mentors

I Want To Be A Mentor

Mentoring has many benefits for both faculty/staff and students. We are pleased to hear that you are interested in becoming a mentor to students! You can mentor students in various ways which are detailed below.

Learning Outcomes

To help you get a sense of what your role will entail, here are some learning outcomes based on WSU core themes that we would like for faculty and staff to reap benefits from and also some expectations for you to see if mentoring is right for you.

  1. Learning: Faculty and Staff in mentoring roles will learn various mentoring best practices.
  2. Learning: Faculty and Staff will become aware of the issues affecting underrepresented students.
  3. Access & Community: Faculty and Staff will become aware of various resources on and off campus to refer students to.

What To Expect

  1. Meet with student(s) at least once a month.
  2. Complete a survey after each semester for your mentee (one for each if you have more than one).
  3. The time commitment per semester to mentor students one-on-one will range from five to 15 hours.

Mentoring Options

We have different mentoring options to fit your schedule!


Success Duos are one-on-one mentoring with students at least once a month. You will be matched with a mentee where you can agree on meeting times, dates, and expectations.

Please no more than three mentees at a time.


Attend small group discussions open to all students on campus. There will be two learning huddles per semester. We will provide you with the dates and times you can sign up for the huddles.


Attend or support mentoring events around campus. You can sign up or just show up to events. {SEE EVENTS CALENDAR}


Attend faculty and staff luncheons with current peer mentors and mentees.


Mentoring is metamorphic and can take on many shapes or sizes. You might already be meeting with students in a different fashion. You might not feel as though you have time for any of the other options. Regardless, feel free to sign up and meet with the Faculty and Staff Mentoring Advisor to discuss different ways you could use your mentoring skills!

Steps To Get Started!

  1. Complete Interest Form.
  2. Attend the faculty and staff mentors orientation (will have virtual and in-person option). We will reach out to you to let you know the dates and times.
  3. Mentor!
  4. Track your progress and hours with the documentation resources we will provide.