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We strongly encourage all students to meet with one of the College of Arts & Humanities academic advisors for general education requirements. In addition, you’ll have a faculty advisor in your chosen major.

For more information about declaring your major, advising and graduation, visit Weber’s Plan to Graduate website.

Department of English Faculty Advisors

General Education Requirements

Debbie Murphy Head Shot

Debbie Murphy

Senior College Academic Advisor

Elizabeth Hall, room 413A

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Nicholas Berg

College Academic Advisor

Elizabeth  Hall, room 413C

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English Graduation Requirements

To declare your major, minor or certificate, find help with class scheduling and/or graduation sign offs, please contact our offices at 801-626-6251 or

Dr. David Hartwig head shot

Dr. David Hartwig

Master of Arts in English Advisor

Dr. Abraham Smith head shot

Dr. Abraham Smith 

BA In Creative Writing Advisor

Dr. Emily January Petersen

Professional & Technical Writing 
Emphasis, Minor and Certificate Advisor 

Dr. John Schwiebert Head Shot

Dr. John Schwiebert

BA in English Advisor
Departmental Honors Advisor
English Department Academic Advisor

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Dr. Christy Call

English Teaching Advisor

English Teaching majors should seek advisement before taking any upper-division English courses. English Teaching Methodology Block must be scheduled in coordination with both Secondary Teacher Education and Student Teaching.