Diversity Initiative

The Weber State University Diversity Initiative is an institution-wide effort to improve educational quality through creation of an inclusive environment where all are welcome and opportunities are available for students to reach their full potential and contribute to the achievement of the university mission.

The mission of the WSU Diversity Initiative is:

  • To promote campus unity by emphasizing shared experiences and principles, respect for human qualities that differentiate all individuals, and achievement of institutional goals.
  • To enhance the development of leadership capabilities within the student, faculty and staff populations.
  • To facilitate development of curricula which merge varied perspectives.
  • To support recruitment of students, faculty and staff reflective of America's broad spectrum of perspectives, cultures, heritages and backgrounds.
  • To promote values and ideas of all perspectives, cultures, heritages and backgrounds within the campus community.
  • To promote development of support programs for faculty, staff and students who are products of all perspectives, cultures, heritages and backgrounds.
  • To encourage networking of interest groups for the benefit of all.

Brief History of the Diversity Initiative

Weber State University has always been a diverse community. Its present diversity initiative, a campus-wide determination to capitalize on the University’s resources for the benefit of all, developed gradually in earnest over a period of the last 35 years. This pro-active philosophy led to former President Paul H. Thompson’s 1990 public commitment to diversity enhancement and to the institution’s collective pledge to welcome post secondary candidates from all regions, nations, and cultures, and to be a leader in addressing the particular needs of diverse students. 

Weber State’s explicit focus on creating a diversity-committed educational community which recognizes that human diversity should be understood in its broadest sense to include everyone on the basis of the infinite ways in which humans vary and which contribute to each individual’s uniqueness, has been the primary focus of numerous programs and projects since the early 90's.  As an extension to this idea, WSU believes that the primary mission is the need to embrace and value the diversity of its members. (see Inclusivity Statement)

Today, the University’s equity efforts continue to move us toward fully recognizing diversity as a core value under the leadership of President Charles Wight.  WSU has cultivated a critical mass of scholars, students and community leaders, who for the first time, engage diversity as a genuine and serious core consideration of our central administration, student academic support, and faculty governance systems.