Black and Belonging Group

Black and Belonging Group

This group provides a safe space for Black students, of all cultural backgrounds, to come together to process racial trauma and experiences of discrimination.  This space will encourage exploration of what it means to be Black and how that relates to other held identities.  Focus will be on creating support within the group to foster healing within the larger community. 


Coming Fall Semester 2022 (September through December)

  • Day to be announced
  • Time to be announced
  • SC 280
  • Open to all Black WSU students

A pre-group interview is required.  Please contanct the conseling center to get started.  


  • Counseling & Psychological Services Center: 801-626-6406
  • Student Services Building Suit 280


  • Juancarlos Santisteban, LMFT
  • Greg Noel, AMFT
  • Eddie Baxter, LCSW

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