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Shepherd Union Policies

  • Facility Use Policy
  • Vendor Space Rental Guidelines
  • Copyright Information
    • No activity in the Union fits into the education exemption. If you are going to show any kind of movie or show, you must have the copyright on file with the SEC office. Please visit Copyright for Colleges for more information and to purchase the required copyright.
  • Food Policy
  • Advertising in the Union
    • A-frames 
      • A-frame must be pre-arranged through the SEC office 14 days in advance and are only allowed in certain areas to not impede foot traffic. If an a-frame is placed in the wrong area or has not been scheduled in advance, it will be removed. 
    • Digital Signage
      • Only open to events produced and for the WSU population. Email a high resolution, widescreen, landscape jpeg (16:9; 1920x1080) to The image will stay on the screens for two weeks or the event, whichever is shorter.
    • Banners
      • Banners are allowed for WSU events happening in the union. The banner may be taken to the SEC office (SU302) no more than 48 hours before the date the banner will be put up. The banner must be signed in at the office when dropped off. The banner may be up for 2 weeks or the event date whichever is shorter. You are responsible for picking up your banner within 48 hours of it coming down. Paper banners will be thrown away unless marked for pick up.
    • Bulletin boards
      • Union bulletin boards are all marked with what events may be advertised on those boards. Students may hang items on the boards. SU Building Managers will stamp the flyer with the date it is to come down during their shifts. Flyers not on the correct board will be removed and thrown away. It is your responsibility to make sure your flyer is on the correct board. Community events may be advertised on the board by the Wildcat Theater and the board by the restrooms across from Wildcat Lanes. 

On-Campus Event Information

Off-Campus Event Information

Summer Conference Information

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