Computer Lab Assistants

WSU Computer Labs employ around 45 lab assistants to provide customer service and support to patrons using the computer labs.

Our lab assistants are WSU students who hail from a variety of countries and cultures, with interesting backgrounds and talents. While we believe each and every valued lab aide is amazing, we do like to highlight a few outstanding students.

Featured Employees

→Elizabeth Cavanaugh

Position: Lab Assistant at Shepherd Union

Major/Career Goals: Theatre

Semesters Worked: 2

From: Bedford, Pennsylvania

Favorite Book: The Chronicles of Narnia

Hobby/Interest/Talent: Acting, Video Games, Pro Wrestling

Favorite Animal: Giraffe

Favorite Resturaunt: Beto's

Bucket List Item: Visit the United Kingdom

→Valeria Pena

Position: Team Leader at Tracy & Elizabeth Hall

Major/Career Goals: Criminal Justice

Semesters Worked: 4

From: Paraguay, South America

Favorite TV Show: The Wheel of Time

Most Used Emoji:  wink and shrug emoji

Favorite Animal: Cats

Favorite Color: Yellow

Bucket List Item: Skydiving

→Trace Erickson

Position: Team Leader at Davis & West

Major/Career Goals: Computer Science

Semesters Worked: 4

From: Kaysville, UT

Dream Superpower: Teleportation

Hobby/Interest/Talent: Competitive ballroom dance

Most Used Emoji:  happy tears emoji

Favorite Resturaunt: Raising Canes

Bucket List Item: Going to Niagra Falls

→Carolina Molina

Position: Team Leader at Lindquist & Wattis

Major/Career Goals: Political Science

Semesters Worked: 5

From: Colombia

Dream Superpower: Reading Minds

Hobby/Interest/Talent: Hiking

Most Used Emoji:  shrug emoji

Favorite Resturaunt: Cheesecake Factory