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Part-Time Positions

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Part-Time Special Events Office Assistant

This position will provide administrative support to the ACE Division for functions such as Special Event permitting, venue management, event production, community event support, arts programs, and marketing. This position will serve as event support staff for events organized or supported by the ACE Division. Receives direct supervision from the ACE Operations Manager.

Posted 02/15/2023

Academic Peer Coach

Coach WSU students in learning and study strategies such as time management and test-taking skills, introduce them to campus services, encourage engagement in campus activities and refer them to additional resources. Meet at the Ogden Campus and/or the Davis Campus and/or virtually. You may also be involved in writing and recording podcast episodes.

•Familiarity with WSU services and processes
•Experience serving in a tutoring, advising, or mentoring capacity
•Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
•Good time management and organizational skills with the ability to self-manage tasks and meet deadlines
•Must be a current or newly graduated WSU student
•Must have and maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA
Posted 02/15/2023

Full-Time Positions

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ArtistYear AmeriCorps Fellow

About Artist Year
ArtistYear is an AmeriCorps program for artists to dedicate themselves to a full-time year of service to address inequities in arts education.

Apply to be an ArtistYear AmeriCorps Fellow
To qualify for this position applicants must have a degree, be highly skilled in their artistic discipline of choice, and be willing to dedicate 11 months of service.

Questions? reach out to Recruiting Director Maryanne Braine or fellow McKelynn Barber.

Posted 03/18/2022