Why Give


Donating to the Communication Department will help provide financial support for future students pursuing a Communication degree. This funding will create scholarships and provide additional support for travel, equipment and other needs for students in each emphasis area. 


You can give to:

  • Civic Advocacy

  • Digital Media

  • Interpersonal & Small Group Communication

  • Multimedia Journalism

  • Organizational Communication

  • Public Relations & Advertising

  • Communication Teaching  

Quotes from Students:

Tia Jochimsen - Communication, Civic Advocacy  

Tia is part of the student body president's cabinet and the president of the Citizens' Climate Lobby Club. She said, "The scholarships have benefitted me in covering the price of tuition as an out-of-state student and have also motivated me to ensure I am putting every effort into my educational experience in order to graduate and pursue a future career." Tia wants to use her degree to enact positive change for human rights and environmental issues.
Ally Anderson -Communication,  Interpersonal & Small Group  
Ally is part of the Weber cheer team and has been for three years. She feels that scholarships have taken a "burden of cost" off her shoulders so she doesn't have to work a full time job while going to school. She said "It helps give us opportunities to go to communication events by freeing up time we would usually use working to afford tuition and books." She loves getting to learn more about human behavior and plans to find an internship after she graduates.
Lissete Landaverde -  Communication, Multimedia Journalism  
Lissete is a writer at The Signpost who plans to work in the entertainment inustry. She said "Along with relieving stress due to finances for lower income students, it also motivates them to do better and motivate them to get through school." Her college expenses all fall on her and receiving scholarships helped lift the load of worrying about tuition. She feels more motivated to learn and can focus more on her studies. She loves learning about the world around her and the way people interact with one another and with the media.
Matìas Pedreira - Communication, Organizational  
Matias is an international student studying organizational communication and localization here at Weber State University. He said "Most students at WSU are non-traditional, first-generation students, international, and low-income, among others that without a scholarship would have never had the chance to obtain a degree." As an International Student his scholarship has been a huge blessing in allowing him to obtain a college degree that otherwise would be impossible. Once Matias finishes his education, he plans to take what he's learned and return to his home country to serve and help others in public service.
Emily Grubb - Communication, Public Relations & Advertising  
Emily is an account executive at Ogden Peak Communications. She has worked hard to earn scholarships so she can focus on her classes without stressing about paying for school. She said "I have found that I have been able to get through school a lot faster because I can take more classes without having to worry about how I am going to pay for them." Emily wants to use her degree for good and to put smiles on other people's faces.
Shawn Bennion -  Communication, Public Relations & Advertising  
Shawn lives my the motto that "there is no shortcut to success." His scholarship has helped him cover tuition that outside resources could not. He also said "PR&A has low funding despite the massive enrollment within the department in that emphasis. I think scholarships are important for Comm students (and all students) because they inspire students to try harder to engage in the subject they're learning and especially deepens their gratitude and loyalty to the university." Shawn plans to apply his college education to running his own business, managing rental properties, and fluently speaking Spanish.
Kiersten Cragun - Communication, Public Relations & Advertising  

Kiersten is an account executive at Ogden Peak Communications. She said "I have big ambitions and goals and because of this scholarship I will one day be able to fulfill every one of them. It was a stepping stone to my career that will one day support my family and hopefully I will also be able to give back to another student in the future that is not quite sure how he or she is going to pay for their next semester just like this scholarship did for me." She thinks that Communication is such an important field of study. There's always a need for good communication. She says "By offering scholarships to communication students we are reinforcing the idea that this degree has merit."
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