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Teacher Assistant Pathway to Teaching (TAPT)

TAPT is a unique program that provides paraeducators, also known as teacher assistants, the financial support and mentoring needed to become fully licensed teachers. The purpose of the TAPT program is to provide a path for Special Education, Early Childhood, Elementary, Secondary, ESL or Bilingual employed teacher assistants or other employed school district personnel to become highly qualified, skilled teachers in area schools.

New applicants are added each year as funding is available. See application qualifications at the end of the page for more information.

The TAPT Program exists because of the generosity of private donors and the Utah State Board of Education who not only helped start the program, but also have been contributors along the way.

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The TAPT program began at the request from the superintendents of six school districts surrounding Weber State University. Superintendents had a critical need for teachers in their respective districts. Weber State complied with that request and thus the TAPT Program was born. And that need for teachers? Well, it still exists today.

The program survives because of the generosity of private donors and the Utah State Board of Education who not only helped start the program, but have also been contributors along the way. Our donors make everything possible. Without them, we could not continue on our path to provide these opportunities for our paraprofessionals or provide the necessary support to the teacher shortage that we face in our community.

Additionally, it’s much more than just the scholarship that our students gain. New participants receive mentoring from experienced participants and current participants meet together monthly. The emotional, academic, and personal support they receive from others in the program is invaluable. We invite you to discover more about the impact on our students by clicking their images below.

Participant Requirements

  • Meet WSU admission standards
  • Complete WSU full application process (includes securing “W” number and taking the Accuplacer Test prior to registration)
  • Register for courses leading to teacher licensure
  • Pay all student fees, transcript fees, developmental fees or lab fees
  • Submit annual applications for scholarships and financial aid
  • Attend all monthly TAPT training sessions
  • Submit annual evaluations
  • Maintain 3.0 GPA


Application Qualifications

  • Be a paid teaching assistant in a qualifying school district
  • Complete TAPT application
  • Submit two (2) letters of recommendation (one from a supervisor and one from a district level administrator or principal)
  • Submit evidence of district employment
  • Show willingness to work with students who are from diverse backgrounds different from one’s own
  • Submit high school diploma or equivalency
  • Must not have a bachelor’s degree



Shirley Dawson

Program Director
Associate Professor
Special Education
McKay Education Building, Room 307

Daniel Hubler

Associate Professor
McKay Education Building, Room 247


Nathan Bingham

Administrative Specialist
McKay Education Building, Room 228