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Moyes Academic Support and Technology Endowment Committee (ASTEC)

The Moyes Academic Support and Technology Endowment supports the following funding needs for the College of Education:

  • Technology for pedagogy/teaching 
  • Research
  • Professional growth and support for faculty and staff
  • Student support 
  • Program development
  • Special programs support

The following funding needs are NOT supported by the ASTEC:

  • Regular faculty or classroom technology needs/upgrades (faculty interested in pursuing such upgrades should work through their department chair and the College funding sources)
  • Undergraduate or graduate student projects


Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit their proposal for review to their department committee representative for feedback prior to formal submission.

ASTEC will review proposals once per semester.

Submission Deadlines:
February 26th, 2022

ASTEC Proposal Ranking Rubric

MCOE Endowment Application Form

The electronic application can be found below and in the Resources tab of the MCOE Canvas site.

CHF ASTEC Application

ENS ASTEC Application

HPER ASTEC Application

TED ASTEC Application



Dates between parenthesis indicate the end of a member's term for service on the committee.

Damon Joyner (2023)
Anssi Saari (2024)

Keith Osai (2022)
Sheila Anderson (2023)

Lisa Meerts (2022)
Mike Olpin (2022)

Katarina Pantic (2023) - Chair
Ryan Cain (2022)

Dean's Office
Paul Dykman (on-going)