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The Moyes College of Education supports Weber State University's Mission Core Themes:  


The Moyes College of Education provides access by responding to student and market needs by offering baccalaureate degrees in child and family studies; exercise and nutrition sciences; health, physical education and recreation; and teacher education, as well as graduate degrees in education.


The Moyes College of Education allows students to experience an engaging learning environment founded on outcome, assessment and community-based learning that includes freedom of research, artistic expression and public service with extensive interaction between faculty, staff and students in and out of the classroom.


The Moyes College of Education represents pedagogical emphases and community commitments through contributions to pre-K–12 education, professional development and cultural awareness and events by maintaining partnerships and outreach programs such as, but not limited to, Teacher Assistant Pathway to Teaching (TAPT), Weber State University Storytelling Festival and Family Literacy Program.

Vision and Mission

Vision: We aspire to prepare transformative professionals who positively impact society.

Mission: The Moyes College of Education (MCOE) prepares professionals for excellence in serving individuals and communities through meaningful relationships, culture of belonging, immersive learning opportunities, and creative advancement of knowledge. 


Access & Success Foundation: We commit to policies and practices that provide a foundation of access and success for all students, faculty, and staff. 

Community - University - Workforce Innovation Ecosystem: We leverage MCOE as a site for innovation, a regional resource, and a facilitator for a more just society. 

Personal Connections & Academic Excellence Ecosystem: We engage in intentional practices that promote personal connections for students, faculty, and staff and support an environment for academic excellence and collaboration.

Recruitment, Retention, & Completion Outcome: We strategically optimize recruitment opportunities and promote retention and completion initiatives.