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The Dumke College of Health Professions 

We are healthcare today!

The Professional Development Initiative is designed to provide the Dumke College of Health Professions faculty and staff with funding sources to promote professional advancement and career development. 

These awards are made possible for the college through the generous endowments from three sources: Marriott, D. Wade Mack and the Dumke Foundation. Two committees have been formed to consider professional development proposals, one for faculty and one for staff. 



The proposal application(s), provided on this site, must be completed and submitted electronically to the proposal author's department chair with any required attachments before the funding cycle submission deadline. The department chair will forward all approved applications (and applicable attachments) within a single email to the designated committee chair by 4 p.m. on or before the deadline date. Applications received after the published deadline will be considered in the next funding cycle. Successful proposals will receive award notification from the Dean's Office following committee approval.

Please note, if proposal(s) require the Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval, the IRB must be in progress or granted by the date of the proposal submission.

For further questions regarding the application process, please meet with your department chair or contact a committee representative

D. Wade Mack Professional Development

D. Wade Mack has given a generous gift through the Edith Dee Mack Green charitable foundation. All full-time and part-time faculty from the Dumke College of Health Professions are eligible to receive D. Wade Mack Fellowships. While a range of activities may be considered for funding, preference will be given to request for assistance in earning a doctoral degree or pursuing postdoctoral education. Funding will go towards tuition, fees and books.

Note: Awards will be made based on current and available funding. The maximum award for any individual is $4,000 per academic year.

Maximum total awards for any individual are as follows: 

  • Master's degree: $10,000
  • Doctoral degree: $16,000
  • Lifetime cumulative award limit: $16,000

Part-time faculty are limited to a maximum of half of the amounts listed above.

First-time requests refers to individuals that have been newly accepted into a graduate degree program. All other requests (repeat requests) must be submitted once a year at the spring deadline. Repeat requests should cover a full 12-months.

  • Maximum award limit: $4,000/academic year
  • Lifetime cumulative award limit: $16,000/academic year 

All proposals must be reviewed and approved by your individual department chair and subsequently submitted electronically to the Professional Development Committee chair. 

Please review the Resources section below for additional information. 

D. Wade Mack Application


Marriott Professional Development

Full-time and part-time faculty and staff are eligible to receive the Marriott Professional Development support, generously donated by former student body President J. Willard Marriott, Sr. 

Activities that may be considered for funding are mainly research and development opportunities, including conference attendance. Requested funds should not exceed $2,500 per academic year. If awarded funding and the amount received does not cover the full request, cost or expense, the requestee (faculty or staff) is responsible for the remaining expense.

All proposals must be reviewed and approved by your department chair and subsequently submitted electronically to the Professional Development Committee chair. 

When submitting, please remember the following items:

  • Application (found below)
    • It is the responsibility of the faculty/staff member to ensure the submitted application is complete and accurate. If not, the application may be denied.
  • Concur documentation (best to use your eWeber portal)
  • Conference agenda

Please review the Resources section below for additional information, and visit the WSU Travel page for requirements related to travel.


Policies & Procedures



  • Application Examples

    Below are application examples for each Professional Development submission. 


  • Policies & Procedures

    To ensure equal and fair distribution of faculty and staff development funds, our policies and procedures page outlines the requirements and expectations from applicants. Please review thoroughly before you apply. 



    Policies & Procedures

  • Submission Deadlines

    D. Wade Mack

    • November 29, 2024 (first-time requests)
    • March 28, 2025 (first time and repeat requests)



    • September 27, 2024, by 4 p.m.
    • November 29, 2024, by 4 p.m.
    • January 31, 2025, by 4 p.m.
    • March 28, 2025, by 4 p.m.


    Please do not submit your application more than three (3) weeks in advanced.