Understanding Pre-Medical & Pre-Professional Programs

It is important to understand that there is not a “pre-medical major” at any college or university; rather you select a major in any discipline (such as medical laboratory sciences, refer to the drop down tab Departments & Programs) and include courses that medical schools require of undergraduates for your specific pre-professional program. 

WSU provides pre-professional curricula, pre-professional advising and research experiences designed to aid students in preparing for their future goals. In 2016, an average of 70% of WSU students were accepted into medical schools, a rate significantly above the national average.

For more information on pre-professional pathways, contact our designated pre-professional advisors at:

M Scott Moore, DO

DCHP Pre-Medical Advisement

Kenton J Cummins, MHA, MLS

DCHP Pre-PA Advisement