Graduation 2020 Outstanding Awards

During these unusual times our celebrations and connections look a bit different, particularly for our graduation traditions.

Although we still want to celebrate with you on August 29th, we also wanted to provide a pre-celebration shout out to our OUTSTANDING faculty, staff & students! 

A Message From The Dean

Dean's Leadership Award

Our Dumke College of Health Professions Dean's Leadership Award is given each academic year to one or two select students that demonstrated outstanding leadership throughout their academic career. We would like to recognize these students for their academic excellence, tremendous professional will and inspiring standards. 

Sharee Brand

Department of Dental Hygiene

Sharee is receiving this award for her true sense of leadership, going above and beyond to assist others in their own growth and development. Sharee is a self-motivated individual who knows how to be an effective team player, leading by example. For Sharee, actions speak louder than words, and her actions have been recognized as genuine, compassionate and passionately positive. In clinical, volunteer and academic settings, Sharee manages herself with confidence and organization, leaving no doubt in other’s minds to her personal and professional ethics. Congratulations Sharee, we are excited to see your influential future. 



Erin Dominguez

Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences

Erin is recognized for her unconditional ability to be better! Starting out at OWATC, Erin took a medical laboratory assisting course that led her to pursue her MLS degree at WSU. She is praised for her talents in communication, critical thinking and “extraordinary ethics”. Taking each opportunity as another chance to grow and learn, she embraces feedback with enthusiasm. In addition, Erin volunteers her services, skills and natural leadership abilities at departmental and university wide activities and initiatives, such as WSU’s Student Vaccination Task Force. This award will undoubtedly be taken by Erin with another chance for opportunity. Congratulations Erin, on your current and future achievements! 

Teacher of the Year Award

Although we love to brag about all of our instructors, each academic year our students, faculty and staff nominate their peers or faculty who they believe have gone above and beyond for our students and colleagues. This award highlights our healthcare professionals who have tackled new approaches in education, research and student outreach.  

Dr. Marvin Orrock

Department of Health Sciences

Known as the drug expert, Dr. Orrock is a true master in his field of pharmacology and shares that passion and wisdom with his students and colleagues. He brings to the classroom decades of experience in development, clinical work, physician interaction and sound pharmaceutical practice. Dr. Orrock knowledge is utilized by multiple departments through interdisciplinary education, as he turns what may be considered a ‘dry’ lecture into hands-on activities and discussions. As he truly cares for his students academically, he also cares about how they do in life and is always happy to hear about their successes. Thank you, Marv, for your true dedication to education!


Justin Rhees

Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences

Justin Rhees is recognized for this award because of his profound impact on students. Initially Justin had his students in a panic in terms of what is expected from his courses, but by the end, these same students nominated him for MLS teacher of the year. Justin is one of those instructors where you leave his course with a stronger sense of professionalism and content knowledge, being pushed and led by his expectations. But Justin doesn’t just have these high standards for his students, he equally invests his time and energy to extracurricular activities and research. Working just as diligently as he wants his students to and leading by example to help them succeed, Justin volunteers at a variety of events within the University and within his medical laboratory profession. Thank you, Justin for your on-going hard work and high expectations, you keep us all striving for more! 

Staff of the Year Award

As outstanding as our faculty are, we know that the staff they work with are the backbone of our college. This award spotlights our staff that have been committed to the greater good of their department and our college. We know that everyone plays a role to make our DCHP goals achievable, and for that we sincerely thank you! 

Alisa Kimball

Department of Respiratory Therapy

“It’s ‘A’ bird, it’s ‘A’ plane, oh wait, no, that’s ‘A’Lisa!” Alisa brings with her a contagious smile and laugh, turning any stressful situation into just another task to complete. In her role as the Administrative Specialist, she is helps manage, organizes and leads what the department needs completed to be successful. For students, faculty and staff, Alisa willingness to take on any task that crosses her desk is influential and her continuous contributions over the years tally up to no short list. Thank you, Alisa, for your invaluable service with a smile!  

Departmental Awards

As we call attention to our college-wide awards, each department has their own awards to recongnize their outstanding students!

Department of Athletic Training

Athletic Training, MSAT
Noah John Erb & Whitney Russell

Athletic Therapy Program, BS
Marissa Bruner & Daniel Mumbower

Athletic Training, BS
Glenna Henderson & Cameron Patterson


Department of Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene, BS
Markie P Thomas & Paula L Wernli




Department of Emergency Healthcare

Emergency Healthcare
Timothy A Rohmann

Paramedic Student of the Year
Wesley J LeFevre



Department of Health Administrative Services

Executive Masters of Healthcare Administration
Emily Arias

Masters of Healthcare Administration
Kayla Heppler

William E Smith Leadership Award
Michelle Freitas

Phil M Smith Leadership Award
Ashlyn Visser

Health Information Technology
Edgar Lewis

Health Information Management
Victoria Kramer


Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences

Medical Laboratory Sciences, BS
Kristal J McCraw & Jesus A Rebolledo

Medical Laboratory Sciences, AAS
Holi Clark & Kamryn S Kimber

Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher
Monica A Fernandez, Natalie N Finlinson &
Amber J Sugden


School of Radiologic Sciences

Masters of Science in Radiologic Sciences
Levi Sorensen

Radiologic Sciences, BS Advanced Campus
Alexander Martindale

Radiologic Sciences, BS Advanced IND Study
Jacklyn Bothell

Radiologic Sciences, BS Advanced METC Bridge
Kyle Green

Radiologic Sciences, BS Advanced Regional
Wyatt Wilder

Radiologic Sciences, AAS Arizona
David Frank

Radiologic Sciences, AAS Campus
Hamilton Cortez

Radiologic Sciences, AAS Montana
Ashley Costello

Radiologic Sciences, AAS Outreach
Haylee Rustad

Radiologic Sciences, AAS Provo
Joseph Shackelford

Honors & Community Engagement
Abbey Dunford



Department of Respiratory Therapy

Respiratory Therapy, BS
Cindy A Muller




Congratulations WILDCATS!