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Application Process


Application Information

Thank you for your interest in the Bachelor of Integrated Studies (BIS) program. BIS is designed to be a highly-impactful educational experience within the broader university community. Important professional skills (such as articulating a project agenda, identifying and securing mentors, and creating a senior capstone project) are built into the program. A BIS degree is its own type of bachelor's degree that emphasizes melding three academic areas into the student's interests to foster integrated learning. This puts emphasis on doing signature work-evidence that you put your name on-that shows your interests, passions, and talents.

BIS works with other high-impact programs such as the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR), Center for Community Engaged Learning (CCEL), Sustainable Practices and Research Center (SPARC), and Honors. These campus organizations, as well as University bibliographers/librarians, help make BIS a unique option for students interested in a more personalized university experience. 

To proceed with BIS admissions, you need to identify three partnering academic areas and visit with advisors from those areas to create a personalized program of study. It will be those faculty advisors that help you with your course list or approve any classes you have already taken. Each of the three academic areas must have a minimum of 18 semester hours that do not double-dip between each other or between general education. Coursework will include both upper and lower-division credits. Additionally, there are three BIS courses (BIS 2800, BIS 3800, and BIS 4800) that teach how to: (a) conceptualize a capstone project, (b) create a project proposal, (c) create a three-member faculty capstone mentoring committee, and (d) provide help and support throughout the capstone process. With BIS, you have the opportunity to have three faculty, who you select, to help guide you through your capstone work.

Transfer degrees are articulated through Weber's Admission Office. Please contact them for transfer questions/issues at

To schedule an advising appointment, please go to this link: *Note: You do not need to schedule an advising appointment prior to completing the steps in the "Application Process" section.


Application Process

  1. Choose three academic areas of study in Participating Departments.
  2. Fill out the BIS Application and download the Contract Forms to fill out in consultation with the Department Chair or Advisor for the emphasis area. Please do not complete the application form until the contracts have been signed by the faculty advisor.
  3. If you have not already done so, for general BIS questions, contact the BIS office at Next, you may contact each of the faculty advisors listed for your 3 areas of study and ask them to complete a BIS contract for that academic discipline. (Classes being used for General Education requirements CAN NOT also be used on BIS contracts) Please understand that faculty advisors are only there to answer questions for their specific department. They may not be able to answer general BIS questions or have any information about other departments.
  4. Once you have your BIS application and three contract pages complete, submit them to the BIS Advisor/Program Coordinator:
  5. Along with your Application and Contract pages, you will need to provide a one-page Statement of Purpose describing why you chose the BIS program.
  6. When all three contracts have been completed and signed by the departmental faculty advisor, email the 3 contract pages along with your statement of purpose to and schedule your admitting appointment at this link: If you have questions, please contact the BIS office at 801-626-7713 or**You do not need to be admitted into the BIS program prior to registering for any courses. Any courses listed on BIS contracts can be registered for prior to being admitted to BIS.