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Application Process


Application Information

The Bachelor of Integrated Studies program consists of three academic areas of emphasis. These areas are selected from departments that agree to participate with BIS. The minimum credit requirement for each emphasis is 18 semester hours, however, some departments require more credit hours. All Weber State graduation requirements must also be met  including: (a) general education, (b) 120 credit hours, and (c) 40 upper division credit hours.

Transfer degrees are articulated through Weber's Admission Office. Please contact them for transfer questions/issues at


Application Process

  1. Choose three academic areas of study at Participating Departments.
  2. Download the BIS Application and Contract forms.
  3. If you have not already done so, for general BIS questions, contact the BIS office at Next, you may contact each of the faculty advisers listed for your 3 areas of study and ask them to complete a BIS contract for that academic discipline. (Classes being used for General Education requirements CAN NOT also be used on BIS contracts) Please understand that faculty advisors are only there to answer questions for their specific department. They may not be able to answer general BIS questions or have any information about other departments.
  4. Once you have your BIS application and three contract pages complete, submit them to the BIS administrative assistant:
  5. Along with your Application and Contract pages, you will need to provide a one-page Statement of Purpose describing why you chose the BIS program.
  6. When all three contracts have been completed and signed by the faculty adviser, you are ready to meet with our director, Dr. Susan Matt, or assistant director, Alvaro La Parra Perez, and be admitted into the BIS program. The BIS office schedules appointments. Please contact us at 801-626-7713 or by email at