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Primary Research Capstone


Primary research begins with a question arising from an issue or problem. Primary research is typically new research investigating phenomena arising from the student's academic interests. Academic disciplines that have laboratory work, human or animal participants, and numerical data often are associated with primary research. In doing primary research, remember that most academic disciplines have preferred methodologies for this type of research. Be sure to work closely with Capstone committee members to do quality research. Primary research Capstone Reports typically are between 35 to 45 pages in length.
Remember that all three academic disciplines must be thoroughly addressed in the Capstone Project Report. More primary research information

Creative Capstone Project Examples


Nutrition, Chemistry, Healthcare Administration
Final, Brochure
Heidi Jenkins

Psychology, Zoology, Neuroscience
Final, Power Point, Poster
Daniel Linford

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Understanding Campers’ Experience of Nature at Camp Using Photovoice
Final, Poster
Stacie Baker