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Creative Experience Capstone


This type of Capstone project is noted for its flexibility and creativity. Academic disciplines from the fine arts to computer programming work well the creative Capstone. For example, programming a new website, choreographing a new dance, writing a music instruction handbook, or creating a non-profit business plan are all examples of a creative Capstone project. When doing such a project it is essential that the student's three academic discipline be represented. Be sure to gain approval from all committee members to ensure that all three academic disciplines are well-represented. Creative Capstone Projects typically have 15-25 pages of text with an appendix of the actual materials created or other types of artifacts to demonstrate learning and creativity. More creative capstone project information

Creative Capstone Project Examples


<I Saved a Mouse Last Night
Nathaniel Peterson

Health Sciences, Health Promotion, Nutrition Education
Final, Pamphlet
Nate Tuatagaloa

Child & Family Studies, Nutrition, Sales and Service Technology
Final, Booklet
Kaylin Stephens

My Body Is My Body
Kailey Price

More Than Dust
Nathan Krishnan

Sex Trafficking: What Society Can Do
Final, Packet
Rebecca Hoffman

Postpartum Depression: Recognition, Prevention, and Treatment
Final, Brochure
Kelsee Grow

Health and Wellnesss Fair
Elizabeth Olsen

Final, Paper

Business Administration, Health Administration, Communication
Final, Marketing Plan
Mason Schlange